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Do You Believe in Guidance?

Could angel guidance be moving from marginalization to mainstream? While angel and spirit guidance may still sound marginal to some, you can think of it this way: “We have our national guards, our policemen, our volunteer crew, our army, and our navy. We have many levels of support in the human experience, and we have that same pantheon of support in the Divine realm as well,” says Sonia.

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Sonia Choquette is Goddess of the Week!

For more than 30 years, Sonia Choquette has been sharing with the world her wisdom and experience with six-sensory perception. Even when others thought she was a "kook" and a "deviant," she pressed on. She never let others' judgments prevent her from sharing what she knew to be true. Today, she is a world-renowned author, storyteller, healer, intuitive guide and spiritual teacher.

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