You feel that intangible call to step out and do something more.

Let’s Find Your Voice. 

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Find Your Voice is a 12-week one-on-one program designed to help female entrepreneurs and emerging changemakers expand their wingspan and step into what’s next.


Ready to Step Into an Expanded Version of Yourself?

I know firsthand how easy it is to:

  • Have brilliant ideas but no idea how to create a platform to put them into action

  • Feel like you’re not doing what you’re meant to do

  • Be flooded with ideas, yet have no idea which ones are the right ones or where to start

  • Have a desire to make a bigger impact in the world, but feel blocked 

  • Have a nameless, hard to identify, burning desire to be and do something more

I’ve helped hundreds of women transform sitting on the sidelines to standing on center stage.

And I can help you get there too.

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Are You a Good Fit for Find Your Voice?

Find Your Voice is designed to meet you where you’re at, and take you to the next level. 

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Leap into Entrepreneurship

Dreaming of leaping into work that is more deeply aligned with your passions? FYV has practical business tools to help you build from the ground up.


Monetize Your Passion

Passionate and already in business? FYV is for entrepreneurs who want to align their purpose with business goals and bring in more clientele and prosperity.


Re-align Your Career

Feeling out of love with your work? FYV is crafted to deeply vision the work you’re meant to do, and then build the platform to get there.

Find Your Voice At a Glance

 Brand Platform Deliverables:


✔ Clarity on your life’s mission

✔ Business Plan and Strategy to activate your mission

✔ Editorial oversight on Branding, Copy, and Website Overhaul

✔ Strategy for Greater Visibility, including Social Media

✔ Curriculum Development for new programs

Personal Development Deliverables:


✔ Clarity and confidence in your purpose

✔ Greater self-belief and trust

✔ More articulate and clear

✔ Deeper connection with your work

✔ Approach your future with optimism and excitement

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How Does ‘Find Your Voice’ Work?

This 3-month intensive is designed to help you explore and align your deepest purpose with your life’s work. From discovering your dharma to developing your website, this end-to-end program has everything needed to coach ambitious women through birthing what's next.


Together we’ll activate your purpose and put a stake in the ground.


Month 1:

Finding You

First we’ll focus on moving from confusion to clarity. We’ll pin down your purpose and true voice. From there, we’ll activate your larger vision and begin designing your platform.

Month 2:

Building It

In this second month we’ll focus on building out your leadership platform. I provide both nuts and bolts support like project management and editing web copy to emotional ones like reminding you who you are when imposter syndrome strikes.

Month 3:

Stepping Out

This final month we’ll polish your leadership platform, while looking at tangible ways for you to begin growing your visibility. We’ll also look at critical rituals you need in your life to stay grounded and nourished as you grow as a leader.
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Nitty Gritty Details

12 Weeks of 60-minute coaching, via phone or Zoom (1x per week)

4 Hours of Editorial Support Per Month to review your platform and help you build

Weekly assignments to guide you and break down the process into clear, manageable steps

A reflection before each coaching session to assess your progress and articulate where you need the greatest support

Accountability to stay on track, motivated, encouraged and inspired

Soulful support to help you move through emotional blocks, imposter syndrome, and fears that come up as you step further into your calling as a leader

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Please note: I typically have a 6-week waiting list for new clients.
Please set up an intro call right away, so I can get you on the books!



What if three months isn’t enough time?

If your transformation takes longer than 3 months, I have a month-to-month offering, allowing you to continue support with me at a monthly rate of $1660.

Do you design my new brand and develop my website?

No, you’ll still need to hire a designer to do that work. But I will support you through the process, offering editorial oversight and guidance to ensure you’re building the right thing.

Do have a web designer you work with?

Yes, I do. I am happy to provide you with a referral.

Will this work? Will I really be able to make money doing what I love?

Yes and Yes. We will work together to strategize and build your leadership platform and business with a focus on monetization.

How is this different than a career coach?

There is an element of what I am doing that is career coaching. But I pull together the threads of your deepest purpose, how that purpose manifests in the work you do, and the practical “how do I get there” elements — from reading your webcopy, to building your course or helping you launch a website.

What if I’m not trying to launch a platform, but just need someone to coach me on where I’m going in life and what my purpose is?

I offer monthly coaching services without the editorial insights or platform strategy. You can get in touch with me to find out more.

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 Schedule a Discovery Call with Tabby

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