Do You Believe in Guidance?

Written by Tabby Biddle

I’m not just talking about intuitive guidance. I’m talking about angels and spirit guides. Yes, I’m going there.In getting ready to attend the I Can Do It! conference in San Diego in a couple of weeks, I spoke with Sonia Choquette, Ph.D, one of the conference presenters. Sonia is world-renowned author, healer, intuitive guide and spiritual teacher. She is best known for her workshops and books on connecting people with their guidance systems, including angels and spirit guides. She defines angels as “light beings that meet you at the first breath, assist you and walk with you throughout life, and walk you back to heaven at your last breath.”Sonia told me that 30 years ago most people perceived her as a nut, a kook, a weirdo, and a deviant. Now, she says, she is being invited to speak at business conferences, at universities, in hospital groups, and church groups.Could angel guidance be moving from marginalization to mainstream?In my own case, I feel confident now to admit that I have dabbled in spirit and angel guidance over the years. This is something that I have kept mostly to myself because of not wanting to be marginalized. As a non-religious person, but a very spiritually-oriented one, I have relied upon my intuition and occasional assistance from my “helpers” to guide the way. I have noticed that the more I tune into and acknowledge my guides, the more assistance they provide.

“We are now beginning to recognize and even hear from people that we have great respect for – scientists and doctors and philosophers -- that say that there really is actually more consciousness to be accessed and to tune into than just our strict intellectual dialogue.”     -- Sonia Choquette

So how do you open up to guidance if you’ve never done it before? (Or if you already have, how do you open up more?)Sonia suggests a four-step plan.Step one. Be open to it. This is the most important step. Most people who aren’t receiving guidance aren’t open to the idea that it’s available. Being open to it is like turning on the radio. Being open to it accesses a part of your consciousness that is receptive … your right brain.Step two. Expect guidance. Take a little more definitive and risky choice and actually expect that guidance will come.Step three. Invite guidance in. Guidance will come through your heart. When you want guidance, take a deep breath and let out the sound “HA” because it opens the heart. You can literally feel the opening.  It also opens the throat, and it relaxes the mind. Put your hand right on your heart. Pose the question that you are seeking guidance on. Then, without hesitation, answer out loud: “My heart says …”  Just be curious about what pops out. There’s your guidance.Step four. Act on it. Then your life will transform.Tip: When you receive guidance or synchronicity in your life, instead of treating it as something peculiar or bizarre, talk about it positively. Try saying: “The most beautiful thing came through today. I can’t explain it, but I’ll take it.”While angel and spirit guidance may still sound marginal to some, you can think of it this way: “We have our national guards, our policemen, our volunteer crew, our army, and our navy. We have many levels of support in the human experience, and we have that same pantheon of support in the Divine realm as well,” says Sonia.It may be fun to give the four-step guidance plan a try. Why not see what happens?Sonia Choquette will be teaching at the I Can Do It! 2010 conference in San Diego, May 14 – 16. Click here for more information.