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The Voice, She is Rising

Her Voice that echos through all The Women. Through the hundreds, and the thousands, and the millions, and the billions. She is echoing below and above and around and through. Can you feel it? Can you feel Her? It is a miraculous time to be alive.

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Be Honest About Your Calling

This hiding however is starting to backfire on us. The reason? The world is aching for feminine wisdom to come forward. The world is starving for feminine compassion and connection. The world is begging for you, as a woman, to step forward with your voice so that you can heal our planet.

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The Power of a Woman's Voice

I believe so strongly that it is time for women to speak and lead by example – but most importantly, from the stage. I believe women hold the key to bringing our world into greater balance and bringing back the respect for all of humanity. I believe that when we as women join together as sisters, we can accomplish anything.

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