The Voice, She is Rising

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by the beautiful Amy Miyamoto.The Voice, She is RisingShe has been subjugated to the dark corner in the proverbial basement for far too long.She has always known that her time would come again.But there were many lessons that needed to be learned in order to deepen, enliven, and fortify the texture and power of her potential.But way down under the surface, she always knew that her time would come again to Rise and Shine.And this time has finally arrived.She has been feeling into the shift.She has been sensing the layers above her lightening, rumbling, crumbling.As if the gardener has returned after the long winter to turn the soil and give it room and space for the new shoots of lush potential growth to burst forth with all their might.Yes this is what she has been feeling into.She knows that the rising is happening now.She can feel it all around her.Not just for herself, but there is a deeper knowing that she is not the only one.There are others like her who have been tucked away.Others who are also preparing for their return.It is exciting and comforting to know that she is not alone.This is a new time.This is a new day.The world is now ripe for the Receiving.The Receiving of Her VoiceHer Voice that echos through all The Women.Through the hundreds, and the thousands, and the millions, and the billionsShe is echoing below and above and around and through.Can you feel it?Can you feel Her?It is a miraculous time to be alive.To Hear Her, to Know Her, to Feel Her, and to Speak HerWhat is She saying to You?Written and shared with love by Amy Miyamoto. To learn more about Amy click here.