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The Women's Conference 2010: Maria Shriver Inspires Women to be Architects of Change

There was barely a dry eye in the arena as Maria Shriver spoke from the heart about her journey as a woman trying to find her own voice and truth. Although many of us think of Maria as "having it all" as the First Lady of California and a powerful family legacy in American politics, she revealed her struggles as a woman trying find her way. Like most women, she has been challenged to identify her self-worth outside of the labels of mom, wife, sister, daughter, and career woman - and instead find it in her truth.

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Kudos to Jamie Oliver for Leading the American Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver, chef, foodie author and television personality, is now on a mission to change the way America eats. After airing a four-hour television series in the UK aimed at improving school lunches, he got the British government to allocate one billion dollars to revitalize the British school lunch system.

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Michelle Obama is Goddess of the Week

I have chosen Michelle Obama as Goddess of the Week because she is working BIG TIME on helping America raise a healthier generation of kids, and in effect improving the overall health of our country.

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