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Amie Williams - Press and Media

“Tabby’s unflagging enthusiasm for empowering young women to speak their minds and contribute to the global dialogue about women’s rights is not only inspirational but essential to improving the lives of girls and women. I feel privileged to know Tabby and work with her, one of the true feminist and fierce leaders of our movement for gender equity in media and representation.”

Amie Williams, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Global Girl Media

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Shelly Ulaj

“What a gift! Tabby is an exceptional speaker, educator, mentor and woman who inspires us all. Our members walked in feeling unclear about how to tap into their inner voice and left Tabby’s talk with immense clarity and inspiration. In such a short time period, Tabby was able to help the women discover their inner truth and their mission, and left them feeling empowered and confident about moving forward. Thank you Tabby for sharing your voice in order to help us discover our own.”

Shelly Ulaj, Founder & CEO, Women Empowered

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Sophia MavridesShelly Ulaj, press

Tabby, you were inspirational and are the epitome of astounding. We appreciated you coming and sharing your stories, wisdom and insights with us. Thank you for being a role model and holding your head high. Thank you for being a part of our event, and above all thank you for showing us the power women hold.”

- WriteGirl, Intern Team

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Sophia MavridesWriteGirl, press
Cecily Miller - Press and Media

“Tabby is an exceptional guide in the area of authentic voice. She has a beautifully rare combination of female courage, determination, strength, vulnerability and a blend of ancient and modern skill. She teaches from the inside out and has walked her talk to success. To me, that makes the most powerful kind of teacher.”

— Cecily Miller, Ph.D.(c),Founder of Bevolve

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Sophia Mavridespress
Rocío Ortega - Press and Media

"Tabby Biddle is a caring, supportive and enthusiastic mentor who is eager to invest in today's young women. I learned to find my voice by listening to strong, passionate women like Tabby. As young women, we have a responsibility to speak up. The world needs to hear our voices. Thank you Tabby for your mentorship and for being a champion for girls' voices!" 

Rocío Ortega, Wellesley College, Campus Leader, UN Foundation Girl Up Campaign

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Sophia Mavridespress
Dr. Nicole Haggard- Press and Media

Tabby speaks to your mind and your spirit. It is such a gift to work with a coach that sees all of you and combines intuitive wisdom with practical exercises that move you through your blocks to productive progress. She has helped me step into my purpose with aligned action. I am so grateful for her methods and influence.”

Dr. Nicole Haggard, PhD, Professor of Film & Social Justice, Mount Saint Mary’s University & Co-Founder of the Center for Intersectional Media & Entertainment

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Sophia Mavridespress