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Margo Tirado

“Tabby is a gifted teacher and coach. She has an innate ability to create confidence and courage in women, and has mastered the art and science of helping women to find their voice! Before working with Tabby, I was struggling with having so much to say, but I could not create any structure around it. I felt very overwhelmed and like my writing was a jumbled hot mess. Tabby's feedback throughout our work together was invaluable. Tabby’s supportive, non-critical voice, really helped me lower the volume on my own critical voice. As a result of my work with Tabby, I have given a TEDx talk, written a draft of my book, and have more clarity, confidence, determination and a clear path forward."

Margo Tirado, MA, LCPC, Therapist, Coach & Co-Author of THE DASH Conference for Women

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