The Fears of a Woman Becoming More Visible

I struggled for many, many years coming more forward as a feminine leader. Some of the struggle I understood (what will people think of me? can I hold the space? am I ready for this?), and other parts I did not. I kept spinning and spinning in circles – erasing what I knew and all that I had accomplished already in my life. I did not even notice that I was doing this until a very dear friend (my husband) pointed this out to me. And in that pointing out, I began to really dig into what was happening. And it wasn’t pretty.
But then at least I understood.
I was protecting myself from a long line his-tory where women have been abused, raped, beaten, killed and de-legitimized for speaking their truth. And this still happens today. Sooooo, is it any wonder that we women struggle with coming more forward in our leadership? But the time has come for us to heal these wounds together (as women and men) for the greater good of humanity and our planet. Without feminine leadership, we are an aching world soul.
Ladies, we need your wisdom, your voice and your leadership. Wise women friends, do you struggle with becoming more visible and fully owning your authority as a feminine leader? If so, I invite your comments below and to come join me for my FREE 2-Part call series on July 31 & August 5th, “How to Go From Sideline Sitter to Trailblazing Feminine Changemaker.”
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Tabby Biddle is a celebrated women's leadership coach and well-known voice speaking out for the human rights of women and girls. She is the Co-Director of the Los Angeles Goddess Collective, and is the Creatix of the Goddess Leadership Program, a revolutionary program designed to strengthen and activate the political voices and consciousness of emerging women leaders and amplify their feminine leadership platform for global healing and socio-political change.  Over the last seven years, Tabby has written, lectured and given interviews on the topic of the Divine Feminine and the power of a woman's voice. For inspiration and guidance to strengthen your voice and advance your influence as a feminine leader, visit