The Philadelphia Goddess Story

Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy StewartThe other night I re-watched “The Philadelphia Story” starring Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart… and WOW, what a cast! … and I had no idea about the major subplot on GODDESSES!I watched this film for the first time 15 years ago and as I was not into goddesses then, had no memory of the references. This time, since I was absolutely aware of the references, I counted 11 uses of the word "goddess!" It just goes to show that you can watch a film over and over and take in new lessons each time.This time the lesson seemed to be about reflecting on the different interpretations of the term “goddess.”The film gives different images and viewpoints of how people and how society at that time interpreted the word “goddess.” To some, goddesses were up on a pedestal, unapproachable and to be admired from afar. To others they were cold, chaste or impersonal…and to some they were even to be feared and considered wrathful.When I asked a group of girlfriends what “goddess” means to them, one friend said, “Goddess sounds like ‘diva’ to me. I know that’s not what it means, but I can’t help it, that’s where my head goes. I don’t consider myself a Goddess ‘cause of the diva connection.”Another friend who had a more positive association said, “Goddess means to me confidence, beauty, strength, being centered, rising to greatness, and JOY!”A third friend reflected, “Being a goddess means honoring myself and my qualities…and spoiling myself a little.”As I watched “The Philadelphia Story” side by side with my fiancée, who often calls me a Goddess, I reflected on what it means to me. For me, I think of it as a term of endearment and one that reflects a combination of respect, love, admiration, and trust in all of my qualities…strengths and vulnerabilities.What does the term Goddess mean to you?