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Leela Francis is Goddess of the Week!

Leela Francis is a powerful feminine leader helping women stand for their own life and stand for the sensual, spiritual, and creative rights and freedoms for all women. She is the founder of Vividly Woman™ and VividExistence™, both created to help women live in their sensuality, dance their power, and thrive in their life.

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How We Can Stop the Oppression of Women and Girls

Until we get this disrespect and dishonoring of women and girls straightened out, we are going to have a long way to go to create world peace. I believe it is this abuse of the feminine that holds us back. Without taking responsibility for abusing the Divine Feminine, we are killing ourselves internally and externally. Look at what’s happening to Mother Earth, for example. She is being raped just as the women and girls are around the world. We keep taking from her, expecting her always to give back, but soon she will not. Her anger and hatred will be so strong, that we will destroy ourselves.

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Anne Wells is Goddess of the Week!

Anne Wells is the founder of UNITE The World With Africa. "I believe that extreme poverty on this planet is ALL of our problems… not just those who suffer directly," she says.

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