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No Mean Girls Here

If you are a female entrepreneur, groups like SMARTY, eWomenNetwork, Ladies Who Launch, or First Tuesday are great options to connect with outstanding women. Whatever group you may choose, I think if we as women gather together in the truth of our vulnerabilities, fears, needs, dreams, desires, and passions, we will be creating an expansive space to raise our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, students, and other amazing girls in our lives and in the world.

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Amy Swift-Crosby is Goddess of the Week!

Amy Swift has helped thousands of women launch their business. She is an expert at helping women entrepreneurs connect the dots to turn their ideas and dreams into reality and create profitable, sustainable businesses. She has an outstanding gift of being able to extract the genius in women -- helping them articulate what they know (but think they don't know). Amy has moderated dozens of panel discussions on the subject of entrepreneurship and has got some of the best interviewing skills I have seen!

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