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The Sexual Future of Women & Girls

The wound that is being created and perpetuated by our cultural distortion and commercialization of female sexuality needs to be and can be stopped. We have an opportunity today to hold the space and teach girls and young women that their bodies are special, sacred and beautiful. We have an opportunity today as women to use our voices to express our questions and doubts about the direction our culture is taking girls, and initiate public discussion on the topic, just at Peggy Orenstein is doing.

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What's a Woman in Transition to Do?

Wendi Knox is the creator of Oh My Goddess, a company whose mission is to inspire women to listen to their inner voice and unzip their true selves. After working her way up to be a Senior Vice President Creative Director at a big advertising agency in Los Angeles (she was the only woman in this position), Wendi was laid off. "I had been at my agency for 15 years -- it felt like family. It was a huge shock having to reinvent my life," said Wendi in an interview.

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