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Lotta Alsen is Goddess of the Week!

Lotta Alsén is on a mission to bring forth a new era in business, where the right brain is balanced by the left brain, and where personal leadership, intuition, creativity, purpose, mindfulness and authenticity form the key principles of every company and organization. With a Master's degree in International Economics, Lotta is the founder and CEO of Quickenings, an International Coaching and Leadership Training company focused on empowering a new generation of conscious leaders and change agents, with a special focus on women leaders.

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Fearless Women

What I have come to discover is that each time a woman shares her truth about her insecurities, questions, doubts, addictions, abuse, etc. -- and as well shares the truth about her joys, ecstasies, discoveries, mystical experiences, spiritual beliefs, and feelings of power – it heals another woman.

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Women & Venture Capital - Is it a Rite of Passage Into Our Power?

Every day we hear about incredible improvements in the financial status of women. The numbers look good. But there is still an important area lacking – women’s access to big business funding. Venture Capital. Can a woman grow a really big, world-changing business if she doesn’t have big investors in on the plan? And if she needs them, where can she find them?

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