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Amanda Young is Goddess of the Week!

Amanda Young is on a mission to help women become their most juicy, radiant, abundant, confident, sensual and awakened self! A former actress and current certified holistic health and nutrition counselor, Amanda is the founder of Urban Goddess Health, Urban Goddess Chocolate, and Urban Goddess Retreats. She is a Divine Goddess healer who is committed to helping other women discover and liberate their own inner goddess to create true vibrant health at all levels!

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Market Plunge and the Divine Feminine

Once upon a time it was about the lone wolf attitude of who could make the most money the fastest. However, the free-falling of our own stock market followed quickly by similar dire straights of the foreign markets only emphasizes our interconnectedness. No one really knows exactly why the market is crashing now, but perhaps we could draw a lesson from the way these Social Networks and the Divine Feminine envision the world with their emphasis on cooperation and sharing of resources and an appreciation of the interconnectedness of all of us. Could this very old, and at the same time new way of being transform our society?

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