Reclaiming Aphrodite

Written by Tabby BiddleTruth be told, I never considered myself an Aphrodite-type of Goddess. I am more of an Artemis, Tara, or Saraswati. Action goddesses. Doers. Seekers. Creatives. Even though I am well aware that we contain every single aspect of the Goddess within us, Aphrodite always felt like an archetype for someone else.So when my friend Amanda Young suggested a few months ago that we co-lead a Goddess retreat together (Amanda is the founder of Urban Goddess), I didn’t imagine the next words out of her mouth would be – an Aphrodite Retreat. But then again, why wouldn’t I? Amanda oozes with Aphrodite energy, and that’s also the way the Goddess works. She always brings us challenges to reawaken the sleeping parts of ourselves.Now I have to give myself more credit. I have always been a romantic; have always been about the body and being embodied; and have always loved sensual pleasures such as massage, physical touch, dancing, movement, good food, beautiful surroundings, nature, flowers and more flowers. Where I have lacked in my Aphrodite-hood (yes, I’m making up a word), is feeling completely comfortable in my feminine sexuality. I’ve actually been a little intimidated by it, and frankly, unsure of the powers that might be unleashed if I fully embrace it.Does anyone else relate to this?The reality is that when we were young girls, we flaunted our Aphrodite energy with a twirl of our skirt, a shake of our hip, and our complete presence in our body. We didn’t question this natural energy that ran through our body and spirit. But at some point it got violated. Either physically, or even through one look. For some girls it was subtle and for some it was severe. But it all counted. Of course we would close down this part of ourselves if we felt it would put us in danger in any way. So we did.But today, we can’t afford to hide this part of ourselves away anymore. I believe that without full access to our feminine sexuality and feminine sensual nature, we are cut off from a sacred and wise part of ourselves and ultimately, our true power.I believe it’s time for us to embrace our feminine sexuality and sensuality, full tilt.I am grateful to Amanda for inviting me to co-create this beautiful retreat together. Throughout our process I have been blessed with opportunities to continually awaken and reclaim my inner Aphrodite. Each day I step further and further into my femininity as I bellydance, do my morning hip swirls and sensual yoga flow, swim in the juicy nectar of the ocean, spend delicious time with my husband, nap and cuddle with my sweet, sweet kitty, and connect heart to heart with women friends, celebrating ourselves as the sensual goddesses that we already are inside.Our sensual feminine bodies hold the key to so much wisdom and compassion that the world is calling for right now. Giving ourselves permission to explore this part of our nature is a great gift to ourselves and frankly, I think, to the rest of humanity.While this may sound a little overboard to some of you, I promise you, it’s not. I have seen woman after woman come more fully into her power and creative potential as she embraces her sensual Goddess nature. (This includes me.) We are happier, our life has more flow, our relationships improve, and we are clearer about our vision for the future and our purpose in the world.While it may have served us in the past to reduce our experience of pleasure and our own feminine sexuality in order to protect ourselves from unwanted attention, from danger, and for a host of other very good reasons, today I believe this denial of our feminine nature is actually harming us.It’s really up to us as women to support one another in rediscovering, reclaiming and revaluing our Aphrodite nature. I believe so many gifts will come from this - for ourselves, and for our world.

Amanda Young and Tabby Biddle will be hosting the Aphrodite Goddess Retreat in Malibu, CA on Saturday, October 15.

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