Mother India

motherindia1I am packing for my trip to India! I am leaving in a few days. This is not just any ordinary trip. This is a trip to get married!My fiancé and I met two years ago on a New Year's yoga retreat here in California. We felt it only appropriate to have our special wedding day this New Year's in yoga’s birthplace, India.I have been a big fan of India for many years. I spent six months there a decade ago and just when I thought it was a trip of a lifetime and would be many years before I returned, I ended up there two years later with my best friend at the turn of the millennium.  Here I am, now eight years later, packing my wedding dress for my return to the beautiful motherland of India.I call India "Mother India" (as I think many people do) because it has the nurturing aspects of a mom. It cradles, it hugs and smiles with deep love. On the other side it can present challenging realities of the world that we have to find a way to cope with.I have heard many people say that they are fascinated with India, but are too scared to go. Scared of the poverty, scared of the possibility of getting sick, and scared of the unknown. Well, I have to agree that India is not for the faint of heart. What it is however is a place for discovery, unfolding and magic.I look forward to sharing some of the magic with you in these coming weeks!