Tippi Hedren is Goddess of the Week

god•dess n:1. one of a group of superstar female beings who uses her feminine wisdom and supernatural powers to heal the collective consciousness and create good in the world.2. a woman who pursues causes and concerns with passion, unconcerned about challengers and naysayers.3. a woman who is courageous, gutsy and dares to live her truth.4. a female who emanates love, beauty, and grace just by showing up.

Presenting the GODDESS OF THE WEEK ...

Tippi Hedren

animal advocacy leader and actress

Along with being selected Goddess of the Week, Tippi was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by The Humane Society.

Tippi Hedren has spent more than 40 years dedicated to the protection of animals, and most specifically --  the feline kind. Tippi fell in love with "big cats" in the '60s when she was shooting a film on location in Africa.  Ten years later, while shooting another film entitled Roar, in which she starred alongside her daughter Melanie Griffith, and 50 big cats, her eyes were opened to the dangers of keeping big cats as pets. As a result, she started the Shambhala Preserve, an 83-acre wildlife refuge in California, to provide a home to captive-born exotic felines, all whom are cast-offs from private owners, zoos and circuses. These cats include African lions, Royal Bengal tigers, American cougars, African and Asian leopards.

Tippi has been an outspoken voice against cruelty to animals, both wild and domestic. She has lobbied Congress on numerous occasions, and has been successful in getting legislation passed for animal respect and  protection!

Tippi is a woman of extraordinary energy and compassion. She recently turned 80, and is full of life! She lives in a two-bedroom cottage at the edge of the Mojave Desert on the Shambhala Preserve.

Thanks Tippi for all the great work you are doing for cats and animals everywhere!