Global Girl Media Launches New Network With Girls at the Center

Do you know about International Day of the Girl?

It's coming up tomorrow (Saturday).

In 2012, the United Nations marked October 11th at the "International Day of the Girl" to promote girls' human rights, highlight gender inequalities that still exist between girls and boys, and address the various forms of abuse and discrimination that girls suffer around the world.

This year the theme is Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycles of Violence.

On the eve of this special day, I am thrilled to announce that Global Girl Media (an organization near and dear to me) has just launched its very own broadband channel putting girls at the center of the story and turning up the volume of their voices around the world.

It's called GlobalGirl Media Network, and can be found at

Since girls voices are nearly absent on the public conversation -- and when present in mainstream media, are often stereotyped and diluted -- this channel is aimed at changing that. It gives girls a platform to share their stories and enlighten all of us about the truth of girls' lives.

Girls will be at the center of all media on this channel. I'm so excited about this.




This has been a huge effort and a longtime in the making and Global Girl Media needs all hands on deck to make this a success.

If you would like to participate in this International Day of the Girl and want an action step to empower girls, celebrate their voices and promote their human rights, please spread the word to your friends and colleagues through word of mouth, on Facebook and Twitter to let them know about this exciting new channel:

Here are some suggested Tweets:

#GGMtv is putting #girls at the center of the story! Check out this new network created by @globalgirlmedia #DayofGirl

@globalgirlmedia is turning up girls' voices globally launching the #GGMtv network today #IDG2014

I'm excited for the launch of #GGMtv network TODAY! Putting #girls at the center of the story #girlpower

(Programming on the GlobalGirl Media Network will be rolling out today.)


As girls get to tell their own stories and share their visions for hte future, they will gain social, political, and cultural power and become the women leaders that our world is calling for.

Thank you for spreading the world. It will make a difference.

Happy International Day of the Girl!

With love and gratitude,