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For far too long, women’s authentic voices have been silenced.
Living in a masculine-oriented and male-dominant culture, women have self-doubted, self-ridiculed, hesitated and questioned our own authority. This has had repercussions both personally for us as women and society-wide for all of humanity and our planet earth. Women’s potential has been thwarted and society has suffered greatly from the absence of feminine wisdom, thought, artistry and ideology.

You are the key to changing this. Women’s truth, whether artfully expressed or boldly declared, is the social and political change the world is waiting for.

Do you feel something big bubbling inside of you, but haven’t been able to understand exactly what it is — the message, the mission, the platform — and frankly, feel overwhelmed by it all? Do you feel like there is a social or political mission that you are being called toward — that you know you can’t walk away from — but you need help believing that this is real and that you can do this? Do you need someone who believes in you, who can see your potential, and can support you every step of the way in making your calling manifest?

It is my greatest joy and fulfillment to support women like you — women visionaries, pioneers, emerging leaders and trailblazers — into your grandest work in the world. It is my calling to work with women leaders and emerging leaders to lead the way until every last woman’s voice is heard. I am here to break the silence; call forth the wisdom; and create a sisterhood of strength like we have never seen before in modern times. I welcome and encourage you to take the next step in your leadership.



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“Tabby is a razor-sharp editor. She cuts through the words to get to the essence of your message — and then takes the whole material to a new level. She has a unique combination of being highly intuitive, knowing what you want to say before you know it yourself, and being a master at cleaning up, clarifying and making any material more succinct. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tabby on several of my projects, and she comes with my highest recommendations!”


Lotta Alsen

Author, CEO & Chief Creative at Quickenings

“Tabby is an exceptional guide in the arena of authentic voice. She brings transformation to everyone who she works with. She has a beautifully rare combination of female courage, determination, strength, vulnerability, and a blend of ancient and modern skill. She teaches from the inside out and has walked her talk to success. To me, this makes for the most powerful kind of teacher.”


Cecily Miller

Speaker & Founder of Present Pregnancy Method™

"Before working with Tabby, I felt stuck, overwhelmed and confused about what was possible. I was questioning the worth of my story and who I could serve with it. In my work with Tabby I felt a heavy burden was lifted by her keen insights and observations; I got clear on some things I’d been struggling with for years. I feel very blessed. Tabby, thank you so much for being YOU and offering your remarkable gifts!”


Amelia Pawlak

Actress & Founder of Your Perfect Role

“Every time I interact with Tabby I feel like I can take on the world!”


Amber Krzys

Speaker & Founder of bodyheart

“Tabby is so much the Mother Goddess! She is in service to your Highest Truth. She is deep in integrity and her own truth to be able to hold space for your truth to come out and shine. Tabby helps you get to the core of your dharma and what you are really here to be in service to. As a result of my work with Tabby, I am feeling so confident to own my voice and my platform and to move forward as a leader."


Reena Desai

Speaker, Global Women's Advocate & Social Movement Leader

"Before working with Tabby, I knew I wanted to use my platform to contribute something to this world that matters, specifically for women and girls. I felt that we needed more women in the media speaking for women ... not dumbing down to them. It's insulting what's out there. I wanted to do my part to elevate the conversation, but needed support to get there. As I worked with Tabby, my voice became clear, my purpose more defined, my motivation kicked into high gear. While I knew what I wanted to say, Tabby helped me define my voice in the most powerful way. I learned lessons from her I will carry forward with me for years to come."


Richelle Carey

News Anchor, Speaker & Advocate for Women and Girls

"Before working with Tabby, I felt cloudy about my message, which made it difficult to act. While I knew inside what I wanted to say, Tabby helped me bring what I had to say to the surface. The process was AMAZING. She has a way of working that is balanced between intuition and practical steps. Since working with her, I feel so much more clear, reassured and confident moving forward. I have now officially incorporated as "The New Vision Project" and I am feeling ecstatic! Every single day I feel like I am going to burst with excitement about following this path, sharing an important message and being a part of something that is so big."


Rachel Keener

Speaker & Founder of the New Vision Project

“Prior to working with Tabby I struggled to define my true voice and message for my new business. I had a vision for my business but knew I needed clarity. It wasn’t until I worked with Tabby that I found my voice and True North. Tabby has a gentle way of drawing out the best in you. She is highly intuitive, understanding, and keenly spot on! Tabby’s ability as a writing coach is a gift and worth its weight in gold. Thank you Tabby for your expert coaching. You guided my message as a visionary leader for boomer women right out of me with such brilliance. Now I have clarity and feel unstoppable!”


Giselle Shapiro

Author & Founder of LiteraryLaunch