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For far too long, women’s authentic voices have been silenced.
Living in a masculine-oriented and male-dominant culture, women have self-doubted, self-ridiculed, hesitated and questioned our own authority. This has had repercussions both personally for us as women and society-wide for all of humanity and our planet earth. Women’s potential has been thwarted and society has suffered greatly from the absence of feminine wisdom, thought, artistry and ideology.

You are the key to changing this. Women’s truth, whether artfully expressed or boldly declared, is the social and political change the world is waiting for. It is this belief that was the foundation for my TEDx talk, Activating Women’s Leadership:

Do you feel something big bubbling inside of you, but haven’t been able to understand exactly what it is — the message, the mission, the platform — and frankly, feel overwhelmed by it all? Do you feel like there is a social or political mission that you are being called toward — that you know you can’t walk away from — but you need help believing that this is real and that you can do this? Do you need someone who believes in you, who can see your potential, and can support you every step of the way in making your calling manifest?

It is my greatest joy and fulfillment to support women like you — emerging women leaders, visionaries, pioneers and trailblazers — into your greatest work in the world. I am here to break the silence; call forth the wisdom; and create a sisterhood of strength like we have never seen before. I welcome and encourage you to take the next step in your leadership. The world is waiting for you . . .

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