Can War Really Lead to Peace?

Written by Tabby BiddleI was recently invited to attend Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots Day of Peace event here in Los Angeles in Griffith Park coming up on September 21. This day will commemorate the United Nations International Day of Peace that was established in 1981 to highlight efforts to end conflict and promote peace around the world. On this day there is actually an official "Global Ceasefire." After watching the Republican Convention a couple of weeks ago on television and seeing so many military families present, I questioned as I always do -- do people really think that war can lead to peace?Since I was a child I have always questioned the purpose of war and still to this day do not believe that it is helpful and certainly do not believe that it can bring peace. Some people would call me naive and question me about how I would "protect" my country. I didn't necessarily always have an answer, but did know in my heart and common sense intellect that war would only breed more war and the cycle would continue.So I was thrilled to hear about the Peace Intention Experiment coming up on September 14. Lynn McTaggart, internationally recognized spokeswoman on the science of spirituality and award-winning author, is working with scientists to test the power of group intention to lower violence in areas experiencing high levels of conflict and war-torn areas around the world. In other words, they are embarking on scientific studies to determine whether “group mind” has the power to increase peace in our physical world.On this same note, I heard that last Saturday, thousands of people gathered in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to practice yoga in the name of peace. Later, thousands more came to add to the peace celebration and enjoyed the Power to the Peaceful Festival which is put on annually by yogi, musician and peace activist Michael Franti. Events like these and the International Day of Peace give me great hope that with more and more of us meditating, praying, holding peace gatherings, peace concerts and so forth all over the world we can make progress.At the same time that I was feeling so thrilled about the peace events, I came across a short article in LA Yoga magazine that made me question war and weaponry once again. The article was about the Hindu Goddess Durga. Durga is known as a warrioress who rides upon a tiger (sometimes a lion), carrying weapons and wearing a compassionate smile. It is said that Durga uses her power to defend the highest truths and that at times of adversity, her strength is called upon to overcome negative influences, destroy evil and restore peace! As you know, I am a big fan of goddesses and I know it is usually best not to translate the stories of the Hindu Goddesses literally, but I couldn't help question, "do we really need weapons to destroy evil?" I still think 'no'.Do you think living in a world without wars is possible?If so, what are the ways that you think we can achieve this?If not, why not?

************************************************************************Tabby Biddle is a writer and editor specializing in helping women entrepreneurs and emerging authors get their message out. Additionally she is the founder of Lotus Blossom Style, a yoga lifestyle company created to support women in their personal transformation. She lives in Santa Monica, CA.