Alexandra Jaye is Goddess of the Week!

“We need to connect to the divine Goddess within us so that we stay aligned with our virtues. This connection is our compass for how we live our daily lives. When we feel connected to our divinity anything is possible.”

Alexandra Jaye, founder of My Goddess Life

Interview by Tabby Biddle

 Alexandra Jaye is a passionate, playful, adventurous and soulful Goddess. She is all about living with as much love, joy, fun, appreciation, and enthusiasm as possible and inspiring others to do the same! She is the Founder of and the creator of the Rock Your Goddess Life program. Through her work, she shares her wisdom, expertise and excitement about nutrition, fitness, spirituality, sensuality, creativity and love.Alexandra is a master at creating fun, empowering programs for women to “Get their Goddess on!” Are you ready to meet this phenomenal Goddess? Let’s go!Tabby Biddle: Alexandra, you stand so fully in the word “Goddess.” When you call yourself a Goddess, what does that mean to you?Alexandra Jaye: I love the word Goddess. It’s a call for us to fully embody who we are and who we are becoming. When I refer to myself as a Goddess I am invoking my Highest Self. It’s a reminder that I am committed to living a virtuous life in integrity with my highest goals and values.Tabby: One of your mottos is “Wanna get your Goddess on?” What do you mean by that?Alexandra: A Goddess is simply a woman who is living her authentic path. It is a woman who is willing to stand in her truth no matter what. It is a woman who is embodying her virtues, her values and is shining her light out into the world. We all have different flavors so it’s important we honor our own unique path. When we’re embodying the Goddess, we’re connecting to the deepest part of ourselves. In this place we can start asking the profound questions that bring us closer to our authentic selves. When we start asking big life questions we start shifting and becoming more aligned with who we truly are. When we connect with this Goddess energy there is usually an inner call that takes courage to follow. This inner Goddess will always guide us to a more authentic life. Always! We just need to trust Her.“Wanna get your Goddess on?” is an invitation to play in the Rock Your Goddess Life program, which is a 12-week program playing and embodying the 10 Elements to Goddess Living. The include Nutrition, Movement, Spirituality, Purpose, Play, Sensuality, Relationships, Confidence, Self-Care and Beauty.I feel that every Goddess is always evolving to greater expressions of her authentic self. We are always shifting and changing. It takes courage, hard work, awareness and beautiful love from other Goddesses to fully embody who we want to be. This is what Rock Your Goddess Life is all about. Tabby: I know a number of women who actually struggle with calling themselves a goddess. Why do you think this is the case with some women?Alexandra: I think that there is a lot of energy to the word. I think that when you call yourself a Goddess or when you call another woman a Goddess, you are calling yourself out in some ways. You are saying, “Yes, I am a Goddess and I am living a virtuous life. I’m committed to living in integrity with my Highest Self.” There is an energy of stepping out that can be scary for people. Really owning that Goddess energy of Yes, I am here. I’m stepping out. I’m living out loud. I’m speaking up and out ... can be intimidating for a lot of women.

"When I call another woman a Goddess I am seeing her divine essence…her Highest Self. I am inviting her to rock her virtuous life and be her most radiant self."

 Tabby: Did you have any self-doubt or self-sabotage in creating Oh yes. When I first knew intuitively who I was and the path I wanted to take, I had major self-doubt and insecurity. I thought, Who am I to do that? It consumed me. People who knew me on my path, they would never ever have said that I was insecure. They would say she’s totally confident, she rocks it, she does everything she wants to do. But there was this feeling for me like I was not fully self-expressed. I felt I like was contained and there was so much more that wanted to be birthed, and I didn’t know how to do it. And a lot of that stems from being insecure. I looked at other people and thought, “They’re not insecure. What’s wrong with me?” I started feeling depressed and like I was a loser. I thought that it was easy for other people. But what I’ve learned is that we all have it  -- we all are insecure, we are all doubtful, we all question, “Is this really good?”It was a step for me to call myself a Goddess and put myself out in the world as a Goddess coach and facilitator. There was definitely insecurity and doubt. But then on a deeper level I kept connecting to: This is what I am meant to do. I’m doing the right thing. I just need to show up. I need to breathe into who I am. There was a deeper confidence that guided me, and all the stories and all the thoughts that were limiting me, I just let go, and then just kept showing up.  Tabby: And then what happened?Alexandra: Showing up was the biggest thing. I felt that a lot of times I’d show up powerfully and then I’d get scared and I’d retreat. Then I’d show up powerfully, and then I’d retreat. The question became, “How do I show up consistently as a powerful Goddess giving my gifts?”Tabby: What advice would you give to a woman who is shying away from or pulling back from the word Goddess?Alexandra: Sometimes the word Goddess doesn’t resonate for every woman and there is nothing wrong with that. For me, it was a grounding point to claim, “Yes, this is the life that I am committed to.” For me, it had a profound effect and was a very important part of my journey. But for some women, it really just might not work for them. And I think that’s cool in actually owning that it may not be the word for them. It’s really just a woman living her authentic life. Really simplifying her life, taking time for herself, connecting to herself and figuring out who am I, what am I supposed to be doing in the world, what am I most passionate about, what do I want to do, what is my authentic path? Tabby: I noticed when I emailed you recently I received an auto-responder saying that you were offline for a week while you were in creative mode for Rock Your Goddess Life. I thought this was an amazing choice and statement. I am curious to hear more about this.Alexandra: It’s not something that I’ve completely mastered yet, but it’s something that I’m working on. My business is Internet-based, so being on the Internet is really important. That’s just how we create, how we give, and how we serve. But there is something that happens to me when I sit in front of a computer …  I just lose my sparkle. I get very much in my head, not connected to my body. I just don’t feel alive and vibrant.Every once in awhile I’ll take a few days off it, I’ll take a week off, or a couple of weeks off. I found that as I moderate my Internet and computer time, I feel that I am connected to myself. I’m tapped into my divine essence. I just feel happier. For me, it’s a consistent practice of setting my life up so that I can feel alive and that I don’t always need to be on call and get to someone immediately. It’s kind of silly that we are expected to get back to people so fast. We have no time to actually step outside of the technology and be with ourselves. So I like to create that sanctuary, that little sacred bubble where I can have time with myself again.Tabby: You are in the midst of a 30-Day Self-Love Adventure. What inspired this?Alexandra: I am always on an adventure! I tend to do mini challenges when I want to embody a virtue deeper into my daily life. I started the 30-Day Self-Love Adventure because I was feeling a little imbalanced and ungrounded. My husband and I had been traveling for seven months in Bali and Ecuador and I didn’t feel connected to myself and was being a bit hard on myself for feeling off. I have learned when I feel disconnected from my essence it is a sign that I need to turn up my fundamentals or my “blissiplines” as I call them. These are the things that make me feel all sparkly, joyful and connected to my authentic self. Tabby: What are some of your “blissiplines”?Alexandra: Some my favorites are moving my body, drinking veggie juice, being in nature more and spending less time on the computer. I find there are certain things that help me get back into my Goddess flow. It usually starts with a major journal jam session. I gain a lot of clarity journaling. Then I bring my intention and focus back on what makes me feel alive, what brings me joy and then I create a loving structure or container -- like the 30-Day Self Love Adventure -- to get my Goddess groove back and find my own unique flow. I have found that some feminine love and masculine love really works well for me. I dig the flow and spaciousness and I also dig structure. So, I usually find ways to integrate both my masculine and feminine. That seems to work best for my Goddess flavor!Tabby: Speaking of masculine and feminine, you own a business with your husband. What is that like working together?Alexandra: Yes, everything we do is under the big company en*theos, which is the root for enthusiasm. It means the divine within. It is fantastic creating with my husband. He is a genius. It’s a beautiful synergy of the masculine the feminine, bringing both of those together in creative partnership. The things that I have done, could I have done them by myself? Yes. But would I have done them in the brilliance, the beauty, the flow, ease and awesomeness as I have done with my husband? No way. It would have taken me way longer. He is great with the masculine structure. He is beautiful for me to get things done. And then I help him with my intuition. We have an amazing life. We get to do what we love together.I also want to say that there is a masculine way that our society has, and there also is a feminine way. I sometimes look at how my husband does things and say, oh I want to be like him, and I lose a little bit of my feminine flow. For me it’s really about taking time to be off the Internet to find my feminine essence that I bring back to the business.Tabby: What do you think men can learn from the Goddess?Alexandra: I think that men can learn receptivity and openness and connection and nurturing. I think once women are authentic and in their own power that can set up an enchanting yumminess for men. Men really need us in our feminine power. They can’t access that feminine power as much as we can. When we are fully feminine, radiant, Goddessy and alive, vibrant and on purpose, we really give them life. There is such a nurturing energy that women give men. Sometimes men might not realize they are actually getting it, but they are. My husband calls it “energy candy.” It’s the vitality that men get from Goddesses. Tabby: How did you first connect with the Goddess?Alexandra: I have been on this journey of self-discovery for most of my life. I started a journal when I was in fourth grade asking these life questions. So, in some ways I think I have always been connected to the Goddess although I may not have always had the courage to fully rock her.I really started to live out loud about six years ago. It was a big time in my life where I had made a choice not to hide who I was. I committed to be me fully no matter what. It was a pivotal point in my journey. From there the magic unfolded. I felt self-expressed, alive and happy. I met my future husband. And, I started doing my Goddess work with other women from around the world … There is power in the Goddess!

Tabby: You have something called Alexandra’s Goddess Kitchen. What is that?Alexandra: It’s an online store for healthy living – all the toys that I love. It’s kind of a playground for healthy living. Some women get jazzed up about shoes. I get jazzed up about supplements and vita-mixes and kitchen tools and books and things like that. At some point in the creative pipeline there will be a Goddess Kitchen recipe book and also videos of how to create a Goddess Kitchen – what does that look like, how do you set it up, and how to create simple, healthy meals. Nutrition has been really important for me. I think it’s huge for every woman to work on her nutrition in some way. There is so much emotional uproar that can be traced back to nutrition. I think having a really clean healthy diet is vital, and for a woman to know how to create that for herself and her family can change the world.Tabby: Why do you think ultimately it’s so important for women to connect with the Goddess?Alexandra: I think connecting to our inner Goddess is essential to living a happy life. When we feel connected to our divinity anything is possible. I love the image of a world where all of us women feel empowered, loved, beautiful, powerful, courageous, and joyful.I think we as women need to connect to our Goddess and I think that the world needs us to connect with our feminine power and shine our light. We are going through a time when we as women get to co-create and be a part of evolution. What do we want the world to look like? How do we want women to be treated? How do we want to live our lives? We can make a difference and it all starts with us. We need to stand in our feminine power and radiate our love and Goddess energy. It is a beautiful time for us Goddesses to stand up, speak out, and be our most radiantly gorgeous selves. Bring on the deliciousness!To learn more about Alexandra and her amazing Goddess offerings, visit Tabby Biddle, M.S. Ed., is a writer, writing coach, Goddess workshop leader and consultant dedicated to amplifying the voices of women and girls. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post on issues affecting women and girls, and works with women on writing projects to help them articulate their message and grow the reach of their voice. Tabby's work has been featured by the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, NPR, Current TV and other online media.  She lives in Santa Monica, CA with her husband.