A New World Balance

Little by little people seem to be waking up to the fact that our society could in some way benefit from the ideals of compassion and connection, rather than competition and warfare. I have been a longtime believer in resolving conflict through discussion and negotiation, rather than through bombs and decimation. Finally, it seems that there are enough people out there willing to voice this belief that we are now experiencing a shift in how we handle conflict and how we will move forward as a culture and as a planet.All of my life I have never understood the practicality of war. I have never understood why our country or any other country would choose to kill people who are in the end just like us – all wanting the same thing – safety, love and happiness…all humans, all connected.There have been times in history when proponents of peace have been seen as impractical dreamers living in a fantasy world and in some cases even labeled as “ignorant.” But after all of this time spent in warfare, what have we learned. How have we benefited? And is there another possibility?At this time in history when we are involved in two wars, there simultaneously seems to be an awakening of a new consciousness. Qualities that were once disregarded and disrespected in global politics such as compassion, cooperation and sharing are now gaining respect and honor in their rightful place alongside strategy and determination. These qualities, which have traditionally been considered feminine qualities, have been absent from decision-making processes for a very long time. Today, they are being examined as not only ideals for creating balance in our society, but as necessary for the survival of our planet.Both women and men are claiming value in this new approach and new communities of thought have emerged highlighting the need to replace domination with partnership. Some are calling this shift in consciousness a re-awakening of the Divine Feminine where traditional feminine qualities are coming to play a respected role on the world stage.I know for myself as I embrace with respect my own feminine qualities I find myself coming more into balance and am accessing a power and strength that I never knew before. Instead of trying to function in a patriarchal paradigm, I am awakening to a wisdom where the feminine and masculine can dance in divine partnership. It is through this partnership that I believe peace can truly come to our land.What do think?