One Billion Rising: Santa Monica

We did it! One billion strong. In Mexico City, in the Phillipines, in Russia, in Saudi Arabia, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Pakistan, in New York, here in Santa Monica and all AROUND the WORLD we ROSE together and DANCED for the end of violence against women and girls.


Why dance?

Because dance is the opposite of violence. It's about one's freedom to self-express. It's about joy, pleasure and self-empowerment. It's about community, togetherness and LOVE.

Yesterday in Santa Monica we rose together with JOY in our hearts. We used our voice and our body to say NO to violence against women and girls and YES to our power, our joy and our FREEDOM TO SELF-EXPRESS.

Flash Mob _ photo ChaimDunbar

Yesterday was the FIRST STEP to show us WE can LEAD the world into a better place.

Today we CONTINUE to walk in our POWER.


May every day forward bring the Feminine and Masculine back into balance so that we may be free of violence to ALL BEINGS.

Below you can watch our DANCE!
As my friend Umoh Luna said so eloquently:
To all the women who have been raped, stoned, beaten and murdered...although your names may be unknown you are not forgotten and we carry you in our hearts and we will continue to fight in your name for something better and brighter for us all!!!!
I'd like to share with you WHY I RISE:
  • I RISE so women and girls no longer suffer in silence.
  • I RISE so the great wisdom of women returns to our planet.
  • I RISE so we as women reunite as sisters, bringing back the collective force of the Feminine.
  • I RISE because I know my voice makes a difference.
Will you RISE with me?
Click here to watch RISINGS from around the world.
Stay tuned for next ACTION STEPS to continue this worldwide movement.

Tabby Biddle, M.S. Ed. is a women’s leadership expert, writer and writing coach helping women discover their voice and develop their leadership platform for global change. Learn more at