Goddess Roundtable on HuffPost LIVE!

You heard it right. There is going to be a Goddess roundtable discussion on HuffPost LIVE tomorrow. Mark your calendar for Friday at 5pm PST/8pm EST to get in on this exciting conversation.

My friend and sister Goddess, Lisa Levart, put out the word this week that she will be heading up a Goddess on Earth roundtable discussion with fellow amazing women Agapi Stassinopoulous (Arianna Huffington's sister and author of Conversations with the Goddesses), Gloria Feldt (power woman and co-founder of Take the Lead) and actress Karen Lorre (Goddess on Earth, Aphrodite).



They'll be discussing Goddess on Earth (Lisa's book, company and mission), the divine feminine and how sacred myths can be a source of empowerment for women. It's going to be a celebration of powerful and compelling images of women embodying the sacred feminine.

If you are a supporter of women's empowerment and women's leadership, you don't want to miss this dynamic conversation about the divine feminine, goddesses, love, women's power, sacred myths and the archetypes that have meaning in contemporary women's lives!



Tabby Biddle, M.S. Ed., is a women’s leadership expert and a well-known voice speaking out for the human rights and empowerment of women and girls around the world. As an advocate for the feminine voice, she works with women leaders and emerging leaders to help them discover their voice and develop their leadership for business success and socio-political change. Tabby is the director of the Los Angeles Goddess Collective, a community of women leaders and emerging leaders at the intersection of feminine spirituality, creative expression and socio-political change. She earned her Master’s in Education from Bank Street College of Education and her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Colby College. She resides in Santa Monica, CA with her husband, baby boy and kitten. Learn more at tabbybiddle.com.