Client Success Story: Connie Vasquez

Editor's Note: This is the second in a series of Goddess Diaries where I feature the success story of a client who has stepped into her dharma and stepped out as a feminine leader making great change in the world. 

Meet the Founder of I'M NO BUDDHIST & CompassioNYC


Connie Vasquez is a born and bred New York City gal and a practicing trial lawyer. She is an edgy, intense, straight-talker, as well as a kind, thoughtful, and beautiful-hearted woman.


Connie came to me in September and told me that she was feeling a call to do something other than what she was doing, that she knew she had something to say, and that she was feeling like it might be big, but she wasn't sure exactly what it was.     


What she was clear about though was that she wanted to sign up for the Your Voice Now program so she could understand what was calling her and move forward with it.    


So she did. And things unfolded quite rapidly.


Connie quickly discovered that she wanted to be a voice for compassion and forgiveness in our world. Connie had mused to herself for many years about the core Buddhist concepts of compassion and forgiveness and had undertaken her own practices and experiments in this area, but she hadn't realized how big this calling really was.     


Well, once she took a stand for what was really in her heart, this woman started rockin' it!



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I am happy to report that since we began our work in September, Connie conceived and birthed her brand, I'm No Buddhist, which is home to a growing community where we can all "share, get messy, have fun and maybe even find a little peace and freedom" as we explore our relationship to compassion and forgiveness; she is blogging at I'm No Buddhist: Musings on Compassion and Forgiveness by a Native New Yorker; she founded CompassioNYC, a movement to create a culture of compassion in New York City (a be a model for other cities worldwide); and,


drum roll please ...


She has been invited to attend the New Year's Renaissance Weekend (called the Grand-Daddy of ideas festivals) and will speak on THREE panels. How awesome is that! 


I'd like to note that Hillary and Bill Clinton are regular attendees of this highly influential, game-changing weekend. : ) 


Go Connie! 


Here are Connie's words about her experience during our work together:


"Working with Tabby feels as if you are clay and she holds her hand over you and allows you to take your own shape in her strong presence."  


Before working with Tabby, I knew I had something to say and I knew a few key things inspired me, but I didn't know how it could coalesce or if it would. I signed up to work with Tabby because I knew she was someone who would tell me the truth in a kind, loving, supportive way. I knew that she was a safe space where I could question, wrestle and work through all the noise and confusion.  


Working with Tabby feels as if you are clay and she holds her hand over you and allows you to take your own shape in her strong presence. Remarkably, she does so without imposing herself -- her molding is of you. She holds the flashlight, and asks the right questions. So, the "message" -- the voice -- is all you. Tabby then provides her expertise in the best medium for that message, the most practical and effective avenues for the world to hear and access your voice. It's truly extraordinary. Suddenly you find yourself growing and expanding.


Having worked with Tabby in an intimate and powerful process, I feel stronger, more empowered, and truly launched. I have the keys to unlock myself more fully, and I now truly own what it is I have to say and so very much want to share.  


Tabby is an extraordinarily unique blend of gentleness, candor, strength, and clear-eyed business practicality; in the most profound way she wants you to stand in your own strength and for the world to hear you. You will emerge from her structured yet fluid process with an astonishing new wingspan. I have worked with "coaches" before - that word just feels inapt for Tabby. Her process is unique, so much more than a "coach" and stunningly effective. I highly recommend working with her.  


-- Connie Vasquez, founder of CompassioNYC and I'm No Buddhist


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