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Tabby Biddle Speaking Testimonials


Tabby Biddle Recent Speaking Appearances

Tabby-Biddle-HeadshotAre you looking for a speaker for your next conference, group or corporate event?

As an advocate for women’s voices and feminine thought leadership, I am committed to preparing, developing, inspiring and empowering women and girls to step into their full leadership potential and take their fair and equal share of leadership by 2025.

Thank you for your interest in booking me as a speaker at your company, organization or upcoming conference. To inquire about rates and availability as a keynote speaker, event speaker or workshop facilitator, contact me here.

(Please include the date, organization, location, venue, contact name and email address.)

Keynote Talks: 

  • Women & Power: How to Bring Ourselves to Leadership Parity by 2025
  • Redefining Power & The Leadership Paradigm
  • The Missing Link to Advancing Women’s Leadership
  • How to Strengthen Your Career Without Compromising Authenticity
  • The Untold Story of Female Power
  • Redefining Politics From a Feminine Perspective
  • How to Find Your Political Voice
  • Using Your Voice as Your Most Powerful Tool
  • How to Use Your Voice for Social Justice
  • Moving Beyond the “Good Girl Syndrome” to Advance Your Career
  • Your Feminine Authority: What Every Woman Needs to Know
  • Why & How to Create Your TED Talk

Tabby Biddle and Michelle Obama Girl UP

Lunch & Learns:

  • How to Activate and Unleash Your Feminine Leadership
  • What is Feminine Leadership?
  • How to Strengthen Your Career Without Compromising Authenticity
  • Speaking Up with Cadence and Confidence
  • Overcoming Perfectionism to Advance Your Career
  • 3 Tools to Use Your Voice for Change

Tabby Biddle Workshops for Young Women

Workshops for Young Women:

  • She Speaks Now: How to Find & Claim Your Voice as a Female Leader
  • She Leads Now: A Leadership Development Workshop For Young Women
  • How to Find & Use Your Political Voice
  • How to Find Your Blogging Voice (and get writing right away!)
  • 3 Tools to Use Your Voice for Change

Tabby Biddle Speaking Appearances

I’ve been delighted to activate, empower and advance the leadership of women at the following organizations and events:

  • The United Nations Foundation Girl Up SoCal Summit
  • The Feminine Light in the Middle East Conference
  • In Her Shoes, Catalyze Courage Summit
  • Live Love Thrive Women’s Empowerment Conference
  • Boise State University: Go Lead Idaho Spring Conference
  • WriteGirl Annual Journalism Conference
  • Global Girl Media Training Academy
  • Young Women Social Entrepreneurs Professional Development Day
  • Women Empowered Professional Development Day
  • Dress for Success New Year Event
  • Proud To Be Latina Empower Hour
  • TEDxStMarks
  • The Rise of the Goddess
  • The Goddess Collective
  • Goddess 2.0 Book Launch
  • Goddess on the Go
  • HerVision
  • and more

For inquiries about booking Tabby as a keynote speaker, event speaker or workshop facilitator, please email

For a sample, watch my TEDx Talk on “Activating Women’s Leadership” below:


Karianne-Fallow“Tabby was one of the most enthusiastic and responsive speakers with whom we’ve worked. Through Tabby’s talk, our members were moved to take a personal exploration of their voice in order to develop their leadership, as well as navigate the best political and private leadership opportunities for them. Tabby opened our conference with a motivational message and inspired the women to shout out their voices — an impressive feat for this group of professional women. Thank you Tabby for your leadership and the inspiring message you left with us!”

– Karianne Fallow, President, Go Lead Idaho

shelly_ulaj“What a gift! Tabby is an exceptional speaker, educator, mentor and woman who inspires us all. Our entrepreneurial members walked in feeling unclear about how to tap into their inner voice and left Tabby’s talk with immense clarity and inspiration. In such a short time period, Tabby was able to help the women discover their inner truth and their mission, and left them feeling empowered and confident about moving forward. Thank you Tabby for sharing your voice in order to help us discover our own.”

Shelly Ulaj, Founder & CEO of Women Empowered

“Tabby’s unflagging enthusiasm for empowering young women to speak their minds and contribute to the global dialogue about women’s rights is not only inspirational but essential to improving the lives of girls and women. I feel privileged to know Tabby and work with her, one of the true feminist and fierce leaders of our movement for gender equity in media and representation.


Amie Williams, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Global Girl Media

Christina Dunbar“Tabby Biddle is such a powerful mentor and channel for the Divine Feminine. I will never EVER forget the chills that ran through me as Tabby’s voice rang out in beauty and strength. I felt like years of pain and shame were released from women that were never able to do so – like she reached back in time and healed.”


– Christina Dunbar, Artist & Creator of She Takes the Stage

Wendi-Knox“Tabby lights the way for so many women through her words, her actions and the way she supports women leaders, like me. What I most admire about her form of leadership is that it’s not about wielding power in the outside world. It’s about tapping into the power of your inner world. Thank you Tabby for sharing your heart, your wisdom and your voice with all of us emerging leaders. We are blessed to have you guiding us deeper into our truth and out into the world.”

– Wendi Knox, Writer, Artist & Speaker

cecily-miller“Tabby is an exceptional guide in the area of authentic voice. She has a beautifully rare combination of female courage, determination, strength, vulnerability and a blend of ancient and modern skill. She teaches from the inside out and has walked her talk to success. To me, that make the most powerful kind of teacher.”


– Cecily Miller, Ph.D.(c), Founder of Bevolve

rocio-ortega-girl-up“Tabby Biddle is a caring, supportive and enthusiastic mentor who is eager to invest in today’s young women. When Tabby came to speak to Global Girl Media reporters like myself, who for the first time were learning about gender equality and feminism, I immediately learned that the best way to find my voice was by first listening to strong, passionate women like Tabby. Then, I accepted the fact that as young women we have a responsibility to speak up. Once I found my voice, I was eager to join causes that mattered to me like serving as a Youth Champion for the United Nations Foundation Campaign called Girl Up, interning for Women’s Voices Now, serving as an Ambassador for Running Start and continuing training the next class of Global Girl Media reporters. The world needs to hear our voices. Thank you Tabby for your mentorship and for being a champion for girls’ voices!”

– Rocío Ortega, Wellesley College, Campus Leader, UN Foundation Girl Up Campaign, Global Girl Media Board Member

Karen-Kinney“I was SO thrilled to hear Tabby speak and deliver her message in such a courageous and honoring way. It is a message for all of us, and one that leaves me all the more inspired, encouraged, and motivated to keep activating my own voice and letting myself be seen. I am so thankful for Tabby’s leadership and example in this area, and the way she so graciously offers her truth that the world desperately needs to hear.”


– Karen Kinney, Mixed Media Artist

“I am deeply grateful for women like Tabby in the world who are carving the way for the rest of us. Standing on that stage and bringing her authentic voice forward will (and already is) affecting the female lineage that has long been silenced. As she stepped on that stage, I felt a bit more space and ‘permission’ to speak my own voice. And, of course…so it goes and continues. These voices are too important. They are too precious. They are sacred. Thank you Tabby for continuing to cultivate a world where they have space to come forward. I am inspired to make the conscious choice to do the same!”

– Caroline Klidonas, Actor & Spoken Word Artist

klaudeen-shemirini“Every time I get a chance to hear this amazing woman speak, I take it. So much potency in Tabby’s voice and message for ALL people. She is a brave, bold and beautiful woman, speaker, author and feminist. Tabby Biddle is a powerful call-to-action voice and face I’m certain we will be seeing more of.”


Klaudeen Shemarini, Creator of SoulBody Wisdom

catherine-gray“Tabby wowed our audience with her talk on “How and Why Women Should do TED Talks” at the Live Love Thrive Conference. She always exudes a warm energy and a powerful message of empowerment for women! We were so happy to have her as part of our 360 Karma Women’s Event!”


– Catherine Gray, Live Love Thrive Conference Organizer, Producer/Talk Show Host/Author

writegirlintern-team“Tabby, you were inspirational and are the epitome of astounding. We appreciated you coming and sharing your stories, wisdom and insights with us. Thank you for being a role model and holding your head high. Thank you for being a part of our event, and above all thank you for showing us the power women hold.”


WriteGirl, Intern Team

“I loved Tabby’s workshop. As someone with strong political beliefs, she helped me articulate them in a more eloquent manner. She also helped me become more comfortable speaking my beliefs, and sharing them with others. Tabby’s vibrant aura is both gentle and encouraging. I highly recommend Tabby’s ‘How to Find Your Political Voice’ workshop to other girl empowerment groups.”


– Annie Gersh, UN Foundation Girl Up Teen Advisor, Philanthro-Teen, Feminist

To inquire about booking Tabby as a speaker for your upcoming event, email

Learn more about Tabby:

Tabby-Biddle-SpeakingTabby Biddle, M.S. Ed., is a writer, speaker, and women’s leadership coach, specializing in helping women find their voice and take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025. She is the author of the bestselling book, Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call Action, and a celebrated TEDx speaker for her unique approach to activating women’s leadership.

Through her speaking appearances, group classes, executive trainings and private coaching practice, Tabby has supported thousands of women on their path into leadership – from business leaders, to media personalities, to celebrity activists, to artists, to students, to entrepreneurs.

Tabby has spoken at numerous events to empower the voices of women and girls, including The Feminine Light in the Middle East Conference, The United Nations Foundation Girl Up SoCal Summit and the Global Girl Media Journalism Academy. A two-time United Nations Foundation press fellow, Tabby’s voice has been featured by prominent national and international media, including The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, UN Dispatch, Current TV and NPR. Tabby received her Masters in Education from Bank Street College in New York City and her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Colby College. She lives in Santa Monica, CA with her husband, young son and kitty cat. For speaking inquiries, contact


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