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Why I Do This Work

I believe that leadership is innate within every woman, and it is not something that needs to learned as much as it needs to be remembered. Remembering my own voice and what it means to be a feminine leader took me decades. It was a journey that spanned multiple continents and career tracks, and it ultimately brought me here to the work I do today.

Coming from a long line of patriarchal leaders in my family, I never felt heard or listened to as a young girl. In response to this, I worked twice as hard to be seen and heard, and bought into the system of achievement to receive recognition from my teachers and family. I began to develop a false sense of confidence as I collected awards, recognition and opportunities throughout my high school, college, and early professional life. At the same time, I felt the deeper call of the feminine leader inside, but I swallowed her wisdom in order to be the hardworking “good girl” that was valued by society.

Early in my career, when a National Geographic editor asked me to include more of my voice in a piece that I had written, I was flabbergasted. My voice? You want to hear my voice? Then, came the overwhelm. I was terrified to reveal my real thoughts, feelings and opinions. I was afraid of being judged. Afraid of people knowing too much about me. Afraid of being wrong. Afraid to have an opinion and actually take a stand.

It took many years of journeying to finally find (and perhaps remember) my voice. Sparked by an intuitive calling in my mid-20s while working in Washington, D.C., I left my blossoming career in journalism to head to Southeast Asia, Nepal and India for what turned out to be a two-year spiritual journey. During my travels, I sat for long silent meditation retreats, studied and practiced yoga, hiked in the Himalayas, taught English to Tibetan monks, taught yoga to Tibetan refugee girls in Dharamsala, India, and studied with the Dalai Lama.  I began to wake up to the Eastern ways of living and re-orient how I saw the world, and myself.

Upon returning to the West, I moved to London with a commitment to the Tibetan people and served as magazine editor for the Free Tibet Campaign. I later worked as a writer/reporter in the Middle East, as a school teacher and yoga teacher in New York, and eventual found my way to Santa Monica, California.


It was upon this move that I had a full-blown awakening to the Divine Feminine and Feminine Power. At this time, I woke up to the human rights abuses that were happening to women and girls around the world, particularly in relation to our bodies and our voices. It was a very visceral experience, where I could hear the cries and screams of women from around the world. Centuries of women. 

I committed to playing my part in amplifying the truth of what was going on, so that it couldn’t be overlooked or ignored anymore. I vowed I wouldn’t stay silent. I knew the pain of suppressing my own voice, and now I knew the violence being committed against the bodies and voices of women on a global scale.

It became clear to me that in order to ever achieve peace in our world, we needed to first achieve a balance between the feminine and the masculine within ourselves and within our worldly leadership.

From there, my mission began to unfold: to help women awaken to the Feminine within themselves, remember their wisdom, and put it forward into the world through writing, speaking, teaching, filmmaking, performance art, entrepreneurship, business and political leadership.

This is my mission. This is my work. I hope you join me in this awakening to the tremendous power of the Feminine. It’s time.

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Tabby-Biddle-MediaTabby Biddle is a celebrated women’s leadership coach and consultant, and well-known voice speaking out for the human rights of women and girls. She is the author of the bestselling book, Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action, a popular TEDx speaker for her unique approach to activating women’s leadership, and the co-creator and director of 50 Women Can Change the World in Media & Entertainment, in partnership with the non-profit Take The Lead. Through her speaking appearances, group classes and private coaching practice, Tabby has supported thousands of women on their path into greater leadership, from business leaders, to media personalities, to celebrity activists, to artists, to filmmakers, to students, to entrepreneurs. A United Nations Foundation press fellow, Tabby has met with world leaders, political dignitaries and high-level policymakers to help expand the dialogue around social justice issues affecting women and girls. Tabby’s articles have been featured by The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles TimesUSA Today, UN Dispatch, Current TV, NPR, among other national and international media. She has been hailed by the United Nations Foundation as “a voice for women and girls around the world,” and by Global Girl Media as “one of the true feminist and fierce leaders of our movement for gender equity in media and representation.” Tabby received her Masters in Education from Bank Street College in New York City and her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Colby College. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband and young son. For media inquiries, contact media@tabbybiddle.com. Download images here.


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