Do you have an important message inside you?

The World Needs Your Voice 


Women on the Stage is a powerful 8-week program designed to get you from dreaming about giving a talk to delivering one on stage. Tabby has helped hundreds of women discover their passion, craft their talk, and prepare to deliver their message to the world.


For Years I had a dream of Speaking at a TEDx Event

And I went through many stages with that dream:

  • Feeling not ready, but sure it would happen “some day”

  • Overwhelmed and unsure of where to start

  • Unsure of what my message was, even though I felt called to speak 

  • Watching other friends give their talk, and then contending with my own feelings as their careers took off

  • Afraid if I tried, I would just spin my wheels and not get anywhere

  • Frustrated that I couldn’t get the whole of my message into 18 minutes or less

Until I finally decided enough was enough.

It was time to stop playing small.


Before I took Tabby’s course, I was frustrated with not having my voice heard or respected to the degree I desired. Now that I have spoken on a much larger stage, I have more leverage. I’ve also grown a powerful network of influential women to keep my momentum going."

— Dr. Sarita Jackson, TEDxDelthorneWomen


I can’t say enough positive amazing things about Tabby Biddle who coached me on my TEDx talk. She has a gift and ability to both support your mission and help you to be in a place that is empowering and authentic when you walk out on that stage.”

- Julia Huffman, TEDxFargo


One of my superpowers is helping women changemakers gain clarity, direction and focus. 

I have helped hundreds of women prepare to deliver their message to the world. Stop dreaming about giving your talk, and let’s start doing it.  

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This 8-Week, Online Group Program Focuses On:

Clarity on your Idea & Your “Big Why”

Storytelling & How to Break Through Visibility Issues

Writing Your Captivating Talk & Making Impact

Getting Selected as a Speaker

Mastering your Delivery and Enjoying Yourself on Stage



You’ll Walk Away With:

noun_Crystal Ball_1397899 (2).png

A crystal clear talk idea

noun_paint_2138419 (2).png

knowledge of the art & science behind great storytelling


A full draft of your talk


Confidence as a public speaker

noun_high five_1154833.png

Tools to master delivery and Ace it on Stage


A strategy for getting selected as a speaker


All of this, plus a community of women changemakers to keep your momentum going.


“Working with Tabby was the catalyst that got me booked on the TEDx stage. She cuts through the weeds to get to the heart of your message.”

- Sonali Fiske, TEDxDelthorneWomen


“If you are in any way interested in doing a TEDx talk, Tabby Biddle is the woman to work with!”

- Dr. Juliana Morris


Women on the Stage is for you if:

 ✔ You’re an aspiring changemaker who knows you have a message to share with the world (even if you’re not clear on what that is)

✔ You’ve watched others on stage and felt an internal voice say, “You could do that one day”

✔ You want to make more social impact, but you keep kicking the can down the road because “you’re not ready.”

✔ You want to have your voice heard, catapult your career to the next level, get more speaking gigs, and expand your professional influence

Tabby-Biddle-US Capitol 2018.jpg

“When I had a last-minute invitation to do a TEDx talk, I needed help turning a difficult, deeply personal narrative to a relatable and impactful talk. Tabby gave me the confidence to take risks and really be myself on stage. To date, my talk has more than 350,000 views and more than 350 supportive, positive comments.”

- Keely Herron, TEDxJacksonHole


“In working with Tabby, I learned a great deal about risk-taking, managing self-doubt and the power of a community. Tabby’s role in my life as a mentor has helped me build so much confidence as a leader. I couldn’t have done this without her.”

— Margo Tirado, TEDxGrantPark


This Course Can Transform Your Career Trajectory 

Participants of Women on the stage have gone on to:

Land book deals

Receive invitations to speak at influential conferences

Get paid for speaking

Grow their client base and make more money

Receive new job opportunities

Receive media opportunities to continue growing their influence

Be seen as a leader in their industries & communities

Feel confident in their personal + professional contributions to the world

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 Join our Changemaker Community
We’re Raising Our Voices to Change the World

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Nuts and Bolts of the Program:

8-Week Online Group Course, taught on Zoom

Intake Worksheet before each class to focus session on areas where the greatest support is needed

Private Facebook Group

Soul Sister Group of 3-4 women to keep you accountable + cheer you on

Coaching, support, and community while you work on the talk of your life

Optional VIP Session with Tabby to review your talk and get laser focused feedback

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When We’ll Meet:

Session #1 - October 1st

Session #2 - October 8th

Session #3 - October 15th

Session #4 - October 22nd

Session #5 - October 29th

Session #6 - November 5th

Session #7 - Break

Session #8 - November 19th


Where We’ll Meet: 

All sessions will take place on ZOOM. Classes can be attended from anywhere in the world. 

The community will gather in a private Facebook group to gather between sessions, ask questions and offer support.

Optional VIP session will take place over ZOOM. Talks will be submitted in advance for Tabby to review.

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What Classes are Like:

Class sessions are 75 minutes.

First 55 mins are focused on Women on the Stage Curriculum.

Last 20 minutes are focused on Q&A, coaching and support.

All classes will be recorded and participants will receive an MP3 of the session.

Classes will be taught in English.


Optional VIP Session with Tabby: 

If you need one-on-one help to review your talk draft and receive personalized editorial support, I’ve got you. 

This additional session will take place over Zoom, where I can give my full notes and suggestions to help your draft sing.

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We’re Building a Diverse Community of 50 Changemakers Dedicated to Giving the Talk of Their Life. 


Are you in? 


Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 9.20.40 AM.png

Women on the stage online program


Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 9.20.40 AM.png

women on the stage online program + vip session with tabby



Next Course: February 2020


Do you Work One-on-One with Clients?

Yes, I do have a one-on-one Speaking Program that can be applied to your TEDx talk, or any other speaking opportunity.



What if I miss a class?

MP3s will be provided for every class so you can review anything you missed.

Will you write my talk for me?

No, only you can do that! But you will have the support of Tabby + the Women on the Stage community to support you.

I’ve already committed to a talk, and it’s coming up fast. Do you work one-on-one?

Yes I do. You can contact me for more details about my one-on-one Speaking Package.

Does participating in this course guarantee a spot as a TEDx speaker?

Participating in this course can accelerate the participant’s path to the TEDx stage, however it does not guarantee a spot. It is up to each TEDx organizer to determine their final selection of speakers. This course is not affiliated with TED or TEDx. It is an independent program.

I'd like to do this program, but don't have the financial means. Are there any scholarships being offered?

We understand that the program fee is not within every participant’s budget. For this reason, Women on the Stage will be awarding a limited number of scholarships to deserving women within this group of female changemakers. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, please fill out the following scholarship application.

I’m thinking about choosing the VIP option. But I am not sure. Can I start the course and make a decision mid-stream?

You are always welcome to purchase the course at the base price, and add the VIP session later. Please keep in mind though that there may be a Waiting List as there are a limited number of spots.


Ready to Apply?

Please Note: This program is not affiliated with TED or TEDx. It is an independent program.