How I Met My First Goddess!

Hello World!

I started Lotus Blossom Style with a mission to bring messages from yoga and Tibetan Buddhism onto our everyday fun and comfy clothing – to have a yogic experience beyond the yoga studio or ashram or meditation hall. What I did not know when I started was that I would soon be having a dialogue with and about Goddesses!

I had my first “experience” with a goddess when one of my yoga students a number of years back gave me a bright yellow t-shirt with a beautiful pink goddess on the front. I knew I was looking at a Hindu figure, but had no clue who she was or how to she would play a significant role in my life.

Years later, I was on a trip to Tibet and I brought that yellow t-shirt with me. At this time, I was convinced that the goddess was Tibetan. This was mostly because I had been studying Tibetan Buddhism for awhile and even received a Tibetan goddess name when I took the vows. The name given to me was “Tara of Supreme Light.” Even though I had heard of Tara, I did not really know about her, her stories, or her great significance. Mostly I just knew that she was considered the main female figure in Tibetan Buddhism.

So, as I traveled around Tibet, I began asking Tibetans if they knew who this goddess was on my shirt. I got a lot of questioning looks. They did not recognize her. I thought for sure someone could tell me. But disappointingly, they couldn’t! Finally a Tibetan monk told me, “I don’t think she is Tibetan. I think she is Hindu.” I felt disappointed because I wanted her to be Tibetan and I wanted my search for her identity to be completed. This however is not what happened

You might find it strange that I could be so wrapped up in finding out who this gal was on my t-shirt, but I knew this goddess had some great significance because every time I wore the shirt I felt so happy, so at home, and so centered in myself. Aside from the shirt being bright yellow, I knew this goddess had something to do with it!

I’ll continue this story in my next blog as I know this blog is getting long. This is my first experience with blogging and I am very much looking forward to sharing the Goddess Diaries with you and hearing all about your goddess experiences!

I want to introduce this blog as a platform for all of us (women and men) to share our stories with each other about how the goddess has entered our lives, given us guidance, or come to us in some other way that has helped us understand ourselves and each other and this incredible world in more depth and truth.

I’m looking forward to this experience with you.


Tabby Biddle

Founder and Designer

Lotus Blossom Style