Leave Your Legacy

Use your platform to leave a lasting, global impact


Leave your Legacy is a 4-month, one-on-one VIP program designed for accomplished women, female executives, and industry leaders to examine and activate the imprint they’re leaving on the world.

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Leave Your Legacy is Right for You If:

You’re an accomplished professional who has worked for and enjoyed significant achievements in your career. But now you’re:

✔ Feeling less-than-in-love with your career, and asking what’s next
✔ Begun to wonder what the lasting impact of your work will be, if at all
✔ Catch yourself asking, “Is this it?”
✔ Desiring the gift of time, thought and heart space to pursue a larger mission
✔ Wanting to expand your influence into what you really care about
✔ Desiring someone to hold space and keep you accountable to your truest self so you can make the change you're here to make in the world

Looking to build your platform or gain influence?
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I’m Passionate About Leaving a Legacy
That Empowers Women and Girls

My life’s work is devoted to helping women elevate their voices and take their places as leaders. I have been called a champion for women and girls around the world by the United Nations Foundation. And I have worked with dozens of accomplished, professional women to discover and activate their legacy platform. 


Let’s Change the World Together, Shall We? 

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Leave Your Legacy At a Glance

✔ 1-Day VIP Session at a LA Luxury Hotel including feminine power activation, visioning and strategy

✔ Strategy to lay the foundation for your legacy project

✔ Accountability and soulful support to stay true to your vision

✔ Bi-Weekly Meetings or Calls across 4-months
(8 total)

✔ 1-Day In-Person Celebration at 4-month mark

✔ 2 Hours of additional coaching support per month (via email)


 Imagine A World Where You:

✔ Started a movement

✔ Created lasting social change to benefit generations to come

✔ Created something unique and original (idea, method, org)

✔ Contributed your voice to, or initiated a global conversation

✔ Felt absolutely aligned with your career and your life’s mission

✔ Made an impact and inspired future generations

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 VIP Day Details

This day isn’t your typical “offsite.” You’ve done those meetings before — the focus and hustle.
This VIP Day is about grounding, nourishing, and creating from a place of ease. 


Pre-VIP Day

Pre-VIP Day Intake
30-Minute Prep Call


6-Hour Intensive, with 1-hour break throughout the day
Mid Day we’ll break for lunch
2-Night Stay at the Viceroy in Santa Monica
Afternoon stroll by the beach
Not Included: Flights to and from Los Angeles


Bi-Weekly Meetings Begin so we can roll up our sleeves and get going


You’ll leave this intensive poised for success, grounded from your feminine center, and eager to dive into your Legacy Project.

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The Following 4 Months We’ll:

Uncover insights on how to make an impact as a change maker and feminine leader

Finalize Strategic Plan and pathway to begin your Legacy Project

Work from a place of ease and grace while creating practices to support your well-being and professional goals

Make career shifts to align with the impact you desire to leave

Step more deeply into your purpose

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After Leave Your Legacy, You’ll Feel

Intentional about what you want to create in the world

Purposeful, in that you’re creating a better world for women and girls 

Reconnected to joy in your life and career

Better balanced with yourself and your passion

Impactful and in control over your destiny

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 I’m Committed to Leaving a Legacy
to Empower Women and Girls

Are You In?


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Looking for just a VIP Day?



I’m mid-stream in my career and don’t yet have a platform. Is Leave Your Legacy right for me?

Find Your Voice is better suited for professionals who are building their platforms or stepping out for the first time.

How are you different than an executive coach?

You already know how to work hard, and it is likely burning you out. You need someone who is going to support you from a feminine place of wisdom and groundedness while helping you connect with your feminine center. This will help you be more relaxed, nourished and happy as you pursue your professional goals and dreams. I’m not coming from a place of push. I’m coming from a place of unfolding and expansion, which feels a lot better on the feminine system. 

Have you worked with women of my caliber?

I created this offering specifically for women who are familiar with leading teams and are already standing on a firm platform. I have coached leaders from media & film to executives of nonprofits — so I am intimately familiar with the challenges facing seasoned women who want to do something more. 

I am interested in just doing a VIP Day to start. Is that possible?

Yes! All of my offerings are designed to be modular to fit your needs. Get in touch to talk about scheduling your VIP Day. Follow up coaching can be added any time if you are interested in additional support.


 Schedule a Discovery Call with Tabby

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