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Women on the TEDx Stage

6-Week Accelerator for 50 Female Thought Leaders

October 16th – November 27th, 2018

Do you know a woman who should be speaking from the TED or TEDx stage? We are building a community of 50 ambitious female thought leaders committed to expanding their visibility, growing their influence and speaking on the TED or TEDx stage in 2019.


What is “Women on the TEDx Stage”?

Women on the TEDx Stage is a writing course, a think tank, an incubator, a sisterhood and a movement. It grew out of my experience as a TEDx speaker in 2015. As someone who had been working for years in women’s leadership development to amplify the voices of women’s changemakers, I was shocked and disappointed to learn that I was one of only three women speakers at my TEDx event. 8 men. 3 women. If men dominated this many of the speaker spots at my event, what was happening at other TEDx events? And on main stage TED?

I began to dig into this. What I found was much of the same. Women represented only 20 percent of the recommended TEDx speakers for, and only 15 percent of the recommended speakers for main stage TED. Considering that the TED organization says they “believe passionately about the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world,” I was disappointed to say the least about this level of gender disparity on their stages. Women’s ideas were largely missing from this influential platform. What was going on? One TED producer said the reason for this disparity was that women are 1) harder to find; 2) more likely to say no; 3) slightly more likely to cancel than men.

I couldn’t sit still with this explanation. And so I decided to do something about it. I created Women on the TEDx Stage to get more women onto TEDx stages. I developed a curriculum to support women in the process of writing their talk, break through visibility issues that might be holding them back, gain the confidence they need to give their talk, and become more visible so TEDx organizers can find them. A more diverse field of speakers benefits all of us. After all, if men represent 80 percent of the speakers at TED, aren’t we missing out on a significant portion of the population who have “ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world?”

Women on the TEDx Stage participants will walk away with:

  • Clarity and confidence in their “idea worth spreading”
  • At least one draft of their TED/TEDx Talk
  • A submitted TED nomination
  • A curated list of TEDx events to pursue
  • TEDx application responses & TEDx pitch letter
  • Tools to master the delivery of their talk
  • A sisterhood community of ambitious female thought leaders who have their back, are cheering them on, and are taking risks together to advance women’s leadership and create gender equity on TED and TEDx stages


Why This Matters:

Speaking on the TED or TEDx stage is a big deal. It’s an incredible vehicle for female thought leaders to spread their ideas, expand their visibility, grow their influence and share what matters to them most. Given the influence of TED and TEDx stages, it’s an especially powerful way to shift the public conversation and public consciousness toward new ways of thinking and doing things that can better everyone’s lives.

It’s time to change the glaring gender disparity on TED and TEDx stages. This isn’t just about numbers. It’s about the perspective from which our cultural conversation emerges. This conversation influences not only our attitudes, but our laws, public policy and resource distribution. 

Here’s How It Works:

We’ll meet for 6 weeks, Oct. 16th – Nov. 27th (no class Nov. 20th), on Tuesdays at 10am PT/1pm ET, on the online platform ZOOM. Classes are 75 minutes. The first 55 minutes of each class will be focused on the Women on the TEDx Stage curriculum, including step-by-step guidance to write a TED/TEDx talk, break through visibility issues, and support through the TED nomination and TEDx application process. The last 20 minutes will be reserved for Q & A and coaching support. There will be homework assignments in between classes to break down the writing process and speaker nomination/application process into manageable chunks. We will have a Secret Facebook group as a home base where participants can converse with classmates in between classes, offer support and receive support. Participants will also be assigned a soul sister support/accountability group of 3-4 women to keep them accountable, cheer them on, offer them feedback and encourage them in the writing, nomination and application process. Participants will also be provided with an mp3 recording of each class to listen to afterwards in case of missing a class due to work, family matters, travel, etc. There will be a reflection/intake process before each class to assess each participant’s progress and where they need the greatest support. There will also be sensitivity to each woman’s personal process as she moves through any emotional blocks that come up as she prepares for her talk.

Women on the TEDx Stage is building a meaningful sisterhood of diverse women across industry, including women in media & entertainment, law, human rights, technology, science, environment, health & wellness, business and finance, social sciences, education, art, design, adventure, exploration and more.

The Ideal Candidate is:

  • A woman who is dedicated to advancing her voice and leadership
  • A woman who cares about righting the wrongs of gender inequality and racial inequality
  • A woman who has a fresh idea, perspective or project that presents a new way of thinking or doing something
  • A woman who has a personal story to tell that can empower, inspire and better the lives of others in some way
  • A woman who has an inner voice telling her it’s time to expand her visibility and influence and speak from a larger stage


Hear what women are saying:

TEDx Program Testimonial Banner_Tabby Biddle


Tabby walked me through an important transformation. One that was required for me to truly impact the world in the way I am able to. She helped me to formulate a topic for my TEDx talk that is relevant to the world, and that also aligns with the way I want to shift world economy. Without her, I am not sure I would have gotten as specific, nor would I have pushed myself in the direction that my talk went. Her constant revisions, feedback, and the space she held for this was top-notch. I am beyond grateful for her attention to detail, and her devotion to facilitating the voice of women on national and international platforms. The TEDx course provided all the pieces for me to bring forth My Idea Worth Spreading.”

Asha Ramakrishna, Molecular Biologist, Business Mentor, Author of The Priestess Code

Amelia-Pawlak“This course has been deeply healing and has helped me remember who I AM. I now feel confident in putting myself out on a larger world stage. When the course started, I was excited, but then started to get cold-feet – and thought, ‘What the hell am I doing? I don’t need to give a TEDx talk – really, I don’t. It’ll be too much to take on and I just don’t have the energy.’ But I committed wholeheartedly and trusted Tabby to take me on the journey. I’m so glad I did because the inner growth I experienced has been life-changing! I traversed light years with Tabby’s support and encouragement. Hiding is no longer acceptable – and I feel empowered to speak using “my voice.” I now know my voice matters and feel confident I can present on a TEDx stage. I also felt empowered to take action in other areas where I’d been stalling for years.  The class was incredibly rich with content, and Tabby’s love and wholehearted support were ever-present. I feel fantastic and now trust and know I am on my way to taking my rightful place in the world. Thank you for all you do to empower me and other women, Tabby. You are a gift of inestimable value to me and the world.”

Natalie Venturi, Actor, Founder of Your Perfect Role

julia-huffmanTabby helped me immensely to find my voice. What an inspiration to work with her! Before beginning our work together, I didn’t feel confident in writing my TEDx talk. It felt daunting and like I needed a road map that I didn’t have. As Tabby and I worked together, I started feeling more confidence in my storytelling, and eventually I was able to discover those authentic parts of myself that needed to be brought into the light. I also discovered there is a pace and rhythm to storytelling and delivering a compelling talk. Tabby’s soulful guidance and focus is felt deeply. I now feel a deeper sense of confidence in my abilities to write and tell my story. I feel empowered in my femaleness and that my idea is important and valuable to the world!”

– Julia Huffman, Filmmaker and Director, Medicine of the Wolf

Sonali Fiske“Tabby is such a nurturing and loving presence. Without her belief in me, her trust in her own inner-guidance to take a chance on me, there is no way I would be standing in my strength and my message today. Before starting the course, I was struggling with organizing my thoughts in a sequential, organized way and also struggling with limiting beliefs and fears that my message wasn’t strong enough, good enough or valuable enough for the TEDx stage. During the course, I received so much valuable support and inspiration from the sisterhood and Tabby. The feedback and positive comments often dispelled the fears and negative self-talk throughout this process. I began to trust in my direction to help immigrant/refugee/transnational women to have a more visible role in our society and in leadership. Most notably, I grew much more confident. The course helped me think bigger, helped affirm that I am on the right track and that I can continue to raise the intensity of my voice with this message for the world. I have a talk ready to go now, and am so utterly grateful for all of the support, guidance and advice I received. The results of this course will help me for years to come. Thank you Tabby for your generous heart and for your trust in me. You are a gift to this world.”

– Sonali Fiske, Leadership Coach & Mentor to Immigrant/Transnational/Refugee Women


There is a nomination process to be selected as a participant in this program. You’re invited and encouraged to nominate female thought leaders in your life who you think should be speaking on the TED or TEDx stage. This may be a colleague. This may be a friend. This may be you. You’re encouraged to show up for yourself. There is no fee to nominate someone. There is, however, a fee for the course. There is also an optional add-on.

Course Investment:

6-Week Course: $500
ADD ON (optional): Script Review + Private Consult/Coaching with Tabby: $500

Nominations are open until October 1st. Selected participants will be notified by October 3rd. At that time, the selected participants will be given the payment options above. 



Q: How do I nominate a woman to participate?

A: The nomination process is simple and should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Click here to nominate a woman (or more than one). We are looking for women across industry, from seasoned professionals to buzz-worthy newcomers. Maybe it’s a colleague. Maybe it’s a friend. Maybe it’s you. Apply yourself or nominate someone.

Q: Can I nominate myself?

A: Yes, absolutely. Show up for yourself. Click here to apply.

Q: Can I nominate more than 1 woman?

A: Yes. We encourage you to nominate as many qualified women as you’d like. Click here to nominate a woman. We ask that you let each woman know she’s been nominated, and we will follow up with her to complete a nominee application.

Q: Can I still participate if I can’t make all of the program dates?

A: Participation in the full program will ensure the most success for you. That said, we understand that things happen and we all have busy lives. If you need to miss a class due to a schedule conflict with work, family matters, travel, etc., that’s fine. You can still participate in the program. You will be provided with an mp3 recording after each class so that you can catch up and stay on pace with the rest of the group.

Q: What’s included in the program?
A: The course runs from October 16th – November 27th (no class Nov. 20). Here is what’s included:

– 6, LIVE 75-minute classes with Tabby (see curriculum below)
– Laser coaching and Q & A during class time
– Receive an mp3 recording of each class (in case you miss a class)
– Accountability to stay on track, motivated and inspired
– Weekly assignments to break down the writing process and nomination/application process into manageable chunks
– Reflection/intake process before each class to assess each participant’s progress and where they need the greatest support
– A soul sister support/accountability group of 3-4 women to keep participants accountable, cheer them on, offer them feedback
– Private FB group for ongoing support and sisterhood

The curriculum includes the following weekly lessons:

  • Week 1: Your Idea Worth Spreading/What to Talk About in Your TEDx Talk
  • Week 2: Defining Your Story/Taking Your Audience on a Journey
  • Week 3: Writing Your First Draft
  • Week 4: Your TED Nomination & TEDx Applications
  • Week 5: Your Trusted Advisors/The Revision Process
  • Week 6: Presenting Your Talk/Mastering Your Delivery

Q: What’s included in the Script Review + Private Consult/Coaching with Tabby?

A: This optional ADD ON is highly recommended for participants who would like Tabby to read through their TED/TEDx script and provide highly-specific editorial feedback to take their talk the next steps. After Tabby reviews the script, she will set up a 50-minute private consult/coaching session with the participant to provide editorial feedback, coaching and consulting support to take the script to the next level.

Q: What is the cost to participate in the program?

A: The investment for this 6-week course is $500. There is an optional ADD ON available to participants who would like to have their script reviewed by Tabby and receive highly-specific editorial notes and a private 50-minute consult/coaching session to take their script to the next level. This ADD ON is an additional $500.

Q: When is payment due?

A: Payment is due 48 hours after the nominee has been notified of their selection in order to guarantee their spot.

Q: Why is this course called “Women on the TEDx Stage” and not “Women on the TED Stage”?

A: Tabby initially launched this course with the goal of getting more women onto TEDx stages, as she saw many opportunities there. Main stage TED events happen just 3x a year (TED, TEDGlobal, TEDWomen). TEDx events, on the other hand, are happening at a much more frequent rate, every day, all over the world. While the focus of this course is getting women onto the TEDx stage, participants will complete the course with a TED nomination. Tabby encourages women to pursue both TED and TEDx events, keeping in mind that main stage TED opportunities are more limited.

Q: What is the selection process to determine the 50 women?

A: We are looking to build a meaningful sisterhood of diverse women across industry, including women in media & entertainment, law, human rights, technology, science, environment, health & wellness, business and finance, social sciences, education, art, design, adventure, exploration and more. The nomination process closes on October 1st, 2018. 

Participants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • A woman who is dedicated to advancing her voice and leadership
  • A woman who cares about righting the wrongs of gender inequality and racial inequality
  • A woman who has a fresh idea, perspective or project that presents a new way of thinking or doing something
  • A woman who has a personal story to tell that can empower, inspire and better the lives of others in some way
  • A woman who has an inner voice telling her it’s time to expand her visibility and influence and speak from a larger stageMore questions? Send them this way through this form.

Ready to Go?


In October 2015, Tabby spoke at TEDxStMarksSchool about what she saw as a missing link to “Activating Women’s Leadership.” She spoke amongst the former CEO of Apple, John Sculley; the president and CEO of the Mayo Clinic, neuroscientist John Noseworthy; a leader in the field of cancer immunology research, Dr. Michael Jensen; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ron Suskind; science professor at MIT, Dr. Lindy Elkins; a former governor of New Jersey, and more. You’re invited you to watch her TEDx Talk below.

According to the latest studies, when more women are leaders, communities and organizations are more productive, profitable, innovative and successful. When more women are leaders, we change society’s view of what leaders look like, how they operate, and how they respond to social, economic and political needs. When more women are leaders, we raise the aspirations of women and girls around the world.

The world is waiting…


Please Note: This program is not affiliated with TED. It is an independent program.



Tabby Biddle is a celebrated women’s leadership coach and consultant, and well-known voice speaking out for the human rights of women and girls. She is the author of the bestselling book, Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action, a popular TEDx speaker for her unique approach to activating women’s leadership, and the co-creator and director of 50 Women Can Change the World in Media & Entertainment, in partnership with the non-profit Take The Lead. Through her speaking appearances, group classes and private coaching practice, Tabby has supported thousands of women on their path into leadership, from business leaders, to media personalities, to celebrity activists, to artists, to filmmakers, to students, to entrepreneurs. A United Nations Foundation press fellow, Tabby has met with world leaders, political dignitaries and high-level policymakers to help expand the dialogue around social justice issues affecting women and girls. Tabby’s articles have been featured by The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, UN Dispatch, Current TV, NPR, among other national and international media. She has been hailed by the United Nations Foundation as “a voice for women and girls around the world,” and by Global Girl Media as “one of the true feminist and fierce leaders of our movement for gender equity in media and representation.” Tabby received her Masters in Education from Bank Street College in New York City and her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Colby College. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband and young son.

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