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The Goddess Collective

The Goddess Collective is a community of women leaders and emerging leaders at the intersection of feminine spirituality, creative expression and social change.

We provide a place and space where we goddesses can come together to bridge, integrate and develop what has been disparate (or invisible) for far too long – our feminine spirituality, our sexuality, our stories, our voices, our creative expression, and our socio-political leadership.

Each one of the Goddess Collective gatherings provides women with a nourishing, intimate, experiential workshop in the energetic space of a sacred sister circle. The gatherings include teachings, ritual, embodiment experiences, artistic exploration, intimate discussion and creative self-expression — all supporting women’s self-development within the context of our evening’s topic.

We meet once a month in Santa Monica, CA (see location details below).  Each gathering is its own magical goddess journey where we are nourished and our “divine assignments” get the energy, love and support they need to thrive. Come see for yourself!

Goddess Manifesta

We believe that the Goddess is ever present, continuously revealing Herself to us and through us, and that through Her we learn to celebrate our bodies, discover our strengths, and love our emotions.

We believe that each woman is a piece of the lost Feminine, and that we are the many faces and names of the Goddess.

We believe that knowledge of our Goddess lineage has the ability to radically liberate women and dismantle patriarchal beliefs within our psyches and in society.

We believe that bringing the Goddess back is central to advancing women’s leadership in all aspects of society.

We believe that women need a women-only spiritual community that holds the resonance for our unique experiences and nourishes our intuitive knowing.

We believe that when women gather in sacred sisterhood and in circle, it opens a potent portal for the Goddess to enter bringing healing, magic, and supportive energies for individual and collective transformation.

We believe that a direct pathway to experiencing and expressing the Goddess is through creative expression.

We believe that when our creative expression is an act of devotion and reverence for the Goddess, our art becomes one of the greatest forces for social change, creating and inspiring more beauty, love and peace on the planet.

We believe that the female body, the Goddess and the Earth are one, and that women have the power to Green this Earth back into fertility, regarding all life as sacred, where every being is fully honored, nurtured and given the ability to thrive.

We believe in women’s power to truly bring back Heaven on Earth.

Welcome to The Goddess Collective!

In 2014, we are inviting you to step deeper into your Remembrance of yourself as Goddess; deeper into Remembrance of your Goddess lineage and Herstory; deeper into your relationship with the Goddess; deeper into relationship with your sisters (who want to support you!); deeper into your creative self-expression (as scary as it may be!); and deeper into your truth as a feminine leader in our world.

We have designed the 2014 Goddess Collective curriculum to support you in this endeavor.

We invite you to mark your calendar for the 2014 Goddess Collective gatherings:

2/13 – Goddess Herstory: Deepening Your Relationship with the Goddess

3/13 – Your Body as Your Most Trusted Guide

4/10 – Moon, Blood Mysteries and the Source of Women’s Power

5/8 – Magic & Ritual: Activating the Shaman, Priestess and Healer

6/12 – Devotion: Feminine Expressions of Worship — Goddess Open Mic Night

7/10 – Sacred Union: Uniting the Feminine and Masculine within Ourselves, in Relationships and in the World

Summer Break

9/11 – Dark Goddess: Integrating the Shadow

10/9 – Feminine Spiritual Authority: Claiming It Now

11/14 – Take Your Seat of Power: An Evening of Feminine Artistry & Creative Expression

Winter Break


We look forward to seeing you!


Join us at our upcoming gathering …



Friday, November 14th
7pm – 10pm

“Inevitably, perhaps because experiences of the sacred are so deep and deeply personal, creative acts of expression are expressions of awakening that begin with trusting our own feelings and perceptions, of realizing it is up to us to be real and act on the premise that what matters to us really matters.”

                                                                  – Jean Shinoba Bolen


Artist: Josephine Wall

Do you feel a burning desire to express yourself more creatively in the world? Do you want to honor the creative spark coming through you, but don’t know where (and maybe even how) to do that? Would you like to know how your creative expression could be one of the greatest forces for social and political change?

As women, we express our wisdom not only through speech and logic, but through every form of creative expression, such as dance, movement, song, chant, music, spoken word, art, poetry, storytelling, ritual, creative writing, videos, filmmaking, and so much more.  In other words, we transmit and disseminate our wisdom through our feminine artistry.

Like most women, you were probably not taught to look at your feminine artistry and creative expression as a powerful force for social and political change.  In fact, you may have even been belittled or mocked for your effusive creative expressions as a young girl, been taught not to trust your creative impulses, or had your creativity “educated” out of you.

When you feel the creative spark now, you may question it, silence it, or even belittle it yourself. This is all too common for women.

Did you know that expressing yourself creatively in your true feminine nature is a very important political act?

When you give yourself permission to reveal your deepest feminine soul expression, you naturally embody your feminine authority and power. This re-orientation and acceptance of your power inherently shifts the status quo, and is social and political change.

This is feminine activism — an activism that stems from inspiration, creativity and embodiment and has the potential to dramatically shift our socio-political conversation to a new feminine consciousness.

Art is how we give birth to feminine consciousness on this planet. 

This evening is an offering for you to move through any fears you have around creatively expressing yourself in your deepest truth in public, and to take your seat of power as a feminine activist and leader of social and political change. It is also an invitation for those of you who already identify as artists to claim (or more fully claim) your political voice. And finally, it is an invitation for those of you who need some creative inspiration, to come get inspired!

For this dynamic evening, we are inviting 8 of you to be witnessed in your creative expression – all in the loving container of the Goddess Collective Sisterhood.

Each woman will have up to 5 minutes for her creative expression presentation.

We invite you to reserve your space as one of these 8 women, if you:

• Are feeling a deep yearning to share your truth through your creative expression

• Wish to feel more courageous and confident about expressing yourself in public

• Want to activate your creative expression is an integral part of your leadership

• Are an artist and want to more deeply claim your political voice.

• Desire to make an offering to the Goddess, to your Sisters, and to humanity.

• Simply feel a “yes.”

To reserve your space as one of the 8 Goddess Artists, email tabby@tabbybiddle.com with the following information (subject line: GODDESS SALON):

Your Name:
Title of Your Piece:
Medium of Piece (song, poetry, acting, dance …):
Short description (3-4 lines) of how you and/or the piece would like to be introduced:

Please note that you will need to provide us with all of the above information in order for us to confirm your spot.

Not feeling the call to perform? (Or maybe feeling it, but not ready this time.) That’s okay. Participating as a witness is just as important. This will be a ritualistic night where the audience is as much a part of the creative flow as the performers.

We invite you to reserve your space for this evening, if you:

·  Want to activate your own creativity and be creatively inspired by your Sisters

·  Want to hold loving space for the expression of the feminine soul

·  Want to be nourished by an evening of feminine artistry and creative expression

·  Want to sit in Circle with an amazing Sisterhood and phenomenal group of women

We welcome you to come be an active participant in the alchemy of the evening. It will be a magical night for all!


Date: Friday, February 6th
Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Where: 716 Taft Way, Santa Monica, CA 90404. (Free parking outside of building.) 
Price: $20 online. $25 at door.

RSVP REQUIRED: http://www.meetup.com/Goddesscollectivela/

We are very excited to share in this expressive night of feminine artistry and sisterhood with you!

Much Love,


RSVP NOW to secure your $20 entry:


Every woman who comes to the Goddess Collective gets the experience of being truly seen, heard and valued. Isn’t this how life should be?

We believe that when women gather in sacred sisterhood and in circle, it opens a potent portal for the Goddess to enter bringing healing, magic, and supportive energies for individual and collective transformation. Each month is its own magical goddess journey. Come see for yourself!

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