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The Grand Fears of a Tortured Heretic

 The Grand Fears of the Tortured Heretic. This is a big deal for me to talk about. I’ve been kind of putting this off over the last couple of weeks because it has felt scary for me to come forward with this, but as usual, my bigger mission pushes me through the fears so I […]

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Why Women’s Creative Expression is One of the Greatest Forces for Social Change

Could your artistic self-expression be one of the greatest forces for social change in the world?   I’ve been thinking a lot about this… My co-leader at the Los Angeles Goddess Collective, Reena Desai, and I are planning an exciting evening of women’s artistry and creative expression for our upcoming gathering in June. The evening […]

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The Voice, She is Rising

Her Voice that echos through all The Women. Through the hundreds, and the thousands, and the millions, and the billions. She is echoing below and above and around and through. Can you feel it? Can you feel Her? It is a miraculous time to be alive.

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The Women’s Movement: What’s Next?

Fourth wave feminism is not about “fighting for our rights.” It is about coming into ourselves as leaders so that we never have to “fight” for anything.

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Amazing Women Rock: Promoting Gender Balance in Speaker Leadership

Susan Macaulay speaking last year on gender parity at TEDxAjman. “TED suffers a dearth of women speakers on its worldwide stages. That’s an issue. But it’s also an opportunity,” says Susan.
 After observing that women have trouble taking credit for their success, and therefore miss out on a lot of opportunities, Canadian-born Susan Macaulay grew […]

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Katie Orenstein is Goddess of the Week!

Katie Orenstein is helping bring women’s voices to the forefront of public conversation. She is the founder of The Op-Ed Project, an initiative to expand the range of voices we hear from in the world. Since women currently do not submit to key opinion forums with anywhere near the frequency that men do, The OpEd […]

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The OpEd Project: Amplifying Women’s Voices in the Media

The OpEd Project is an initiative to expand the range of voices we hear in the media, with a specific focus on increasing the number of women thought leaders participating and leading the public discussion.

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Attention Women: Being a “Good Girl” Comes with Risks

What happens when a woman doesn’t use her voice to express herself fully? I have been thinking a lot about this question lately, and have been struggling with using my own voice in a way that feels aligned with the bigger picture that I feel inside of me.

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Catherine DeMonte is Goddess of the Week!

Catherine DeMonte, LMFT is helping women “ignite their inner goddess!” As an extension of her private practice in psychotherapy, she offers classes to women that are literally called “Ignite Your Inner Goddess” and “Women Living Full Out.” “My work is about bringing people back to their most authentic self. This means being true to who […]

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