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Find Your Voice

Your inner voice is speaking to you. Can you hear Her? I used to feel that my voice didn’t matter. I grew up as the youngest child and only girl in a family of two brothers, and a very strong lineage of male leaders going back to the earliest days of the United States. While […]

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I’m Writing a Book!

I am writing a book! It’s finally happening. This is something I have wanted to do for a long while, but never really felt that I could go all the way with it. I had ideas about what I wanted to write about, and even started writing a book on several occassions (some of you […]

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EQUAL_RIGHTS_AMENDMENT-Chicago-Sun Times-File-Photo

Wait, Women Don’t Have Equal Rights in the United States?

Activists supporting the Equal Rights Amendment during a 1978 rally in Chicago. Photo credit: Chicago Sun-Times file photoI’m part of Generation X — the generation where girls and young women were taught that we could be anything, do anything and, if we worked hard enough, could have it all. We saw women go into space, […]

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Global Girl Media Launches New Network With Girls at the Center

Do you know about International Day of the Girl? It’s coming up tomorrow (Saturday). In 2012, the United Nations marked October 11th at the “International Day of the Girl” to promote girls’ human rights, highlight gender inequalities that still exist between girls and boys, and address the various forms of abuse and discrimination that girls […]

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The Grand Fears of a Tortured Heretic

 The Grand Fears of the Tortured Heretic. This is a big deal for me to talk about. I’ve been kind of putting this off over the last couple of weeks because it has felt scary for me to come forward with this, but as usual, my bigger mission pushes me through the fears so I […]

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What Would Happen if Every Girl Told the Truth About Her Life?

  What would happen if every girl told the truth about her life? Would our world be any different? Last week I participated in a “training of the trainers” with Global Girl Media, a non-profit organization that was founded by a group of female media professionals to develop the voice and media literacy of young […]

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Redefining Politics Through a Feminine Lens

What does “politics” mean to you?   Is it a word you run away from? Is it a word you have disdain for? Is it a word you don’t feel connected to? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you are not alone (and especially if you are a woman). I have […]

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Why Women’s Creative Expression is One of the Greatest Forces for Social Change

Could your artistic self-expression be one of the greatest forces for social change in the world?   I’ve been thinking a lot about this… My co-leader at the Los Angeles Goddess Collective, Reena Desai, and I are planning an exciting evening of women’s artistry and creative expression for our upcoming gathering in June. The evening […]

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Why the Goddess is Important to Your Leadership

Thank you all so much for your feedback about the video I unveiled last week, which gave you a glimpse of the more focused direction I am taking my work. I heard about goosebumps, chills, and healing medicine. It looks like it’s a good thing that I am finding my courage to keep stepping forward […]

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UN Leaders: Are You Thinking Enough About Gender Equality?

The 68th Session of the UN General Assembly will take place this week in New York. Global leaders will be gathering with good intention to set a new course for a sustainable future. One of the most anticipated events of the week is Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s presentation of his recommendations for the post-2015 development agenda. […]

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