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Get Cozy with Your Inner Feminine Leader

  Think you don’t have the power to make social and political change? I know so many people right now who are feeling helpless, powerless and desperate in the face of the tragedies in Israel and Gaza, the shooting down of the Malaysian Airline, and the daily acts of gun violence around the world. I […]

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Redefining Politics Through a Feminine Lens

What does “politics” mean to you?   Is it a word you run away from? Is it a word you have disdain for? Is it a word you don’t feel connected to? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you are not alone (and especially if you are a woman). I have […]

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Why Women’s Creative Expression is One of the Greatest Forces for Social Change

Could your artistic self-expression be one of the greatest forces for social change in the world?   I’ve been thinking a lot about this… My co-leader at the Los Angeles Goddess Collective, Reena Desai, and I are planning an exciting evening of women’s artistry and creative expression for our upcoming gathering in June. The evening […]

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Why the Goddess is Important to Your Leadership

Thank you all so much for your feedback about the video I unveiled last week, which gave you a glimpse of the more focused direction I am taking my work. I heard about goosebumps, chills, and healing medicine. It looks like it’s a good thing that I am finding my courage to keep stepping forward […]

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Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem, Mother of Feminism

PHOTO CREDIT: Marnie Joyce via Creative Commons License Today is Gloria Steinem’s 80th birthday. The mother of the women’s movement. The Mother of Feminism (Second Wave, that is). She, who paved the pathway for our physical, psychological, political, social, economic and vocal liberation in the 21st century. While Gloria opened the door for us, she […]

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