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Sacred Sisterhood

I was so moved by a new friend of mine who shared her story so courageously, not just with me, but with hundreds — and now thousands — of people in the name of healing herself and bringing about healing for women around the world.

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A New Leadership Position

I’m excited to share the news with you that I am taking over as the new leader of The Goddess Collective in Los Angeles!

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Be Honest About Your Calling

This hiding however is starting to backfire on us. The reason? The world is aching for feminine wisdom to come forward. The world is starving for feminine compassion and connection. The world is begging for you, as a woman, to step forward with your voice so that you can heal our planet.

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Lotta Alsen is Goddess of the Week!

Lotta Alsén is on a mission to bring forth a new era in business, where the right brain is balanced by the left brain, and where personal leadership, intuition, creativity, purpose, mindfulness and authenticity form the key principles of every company and organization. With a Master’s degree in International Economics, Lotta is the founder and […]

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Christina Dunbar is Goddess of the Week!

Christina Dunbar is on a mission to heal what she calls this ‘blanket of shame’ that has been covering the Light of a woman’s true nature. As the founder of The Power Goddess, Christina is pioneering a movement to help women awaken to their beauty, embrace their sensuality, honor their sexuality, and recognize their Divine […]

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Christina Morassi is Goddess of the Week!

Photographer Christina Morassi is on a mission to revolutionize the way women embody their businesses. As a former fashion photographer (having worked with the likes of Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton, and high-fashion gals), and later a healing arts practitioner and workshop leader, Christina has combined her experiences to help women entrepreneurs build their businesses into […]

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