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Tag Archives | Women in Leadership

10 Rules for Emerging Women Leaders

I believe the world is ready for feminine leadership and that women leaders are the solution to the world’s ills. I also believe that when women and men share in leadership, we create the possibility of an energetic balance between the feminine and the masculine, which I believe will ultimately create the circumstances for global […]

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Alexia Vernon is Goddess of the Week!

I believe that the single most important leadership skill is authenticity. So often we think of authenticity as something innate, or an adjective for how we do what we do, but I see it as a muscle that takes intentional, daily-practice to buff up.

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Why Aren’t There More Women in Leadership Positions?

Ultimately I think for more women to be in leadership positions, we (both women and men) need to honor the feminine qualities of our intuitive nature, compassionate nature, and our emotional nature.

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Tara Sophia Mohr is Goddess of the Week!

I believe the task of our time is not just to bring more women into positions of power, but to empower women to transform the institutions they are part of by bringing their wisdom, critiques, perspectives and solutions to the fore.

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Women in U.S. Leadership: What’s Next?

More women’s voices are needed in public leadership. In the U.S., there are 72 women in the U.S. House of Representatives, 17 women in the Senate, and only six female governors.

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Joanna Lindenbaum is Goddess of the Week!

The inclusion of women as spiritual leaders in cultures and religions, in my opinion, is really what’s going to bring about the change in the world …

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Does Progress Have a Gender?

With the recent selection of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska by John McCain as his running mate, I have been thinking a lot about the significance of his choice. What seemed like a simple choice for many women who were Hillary or Obama supporters, may have just gotten more difficult. While I think it is […]

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