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Are You a Woman Doing Business Like a Man?

t’s no secret that women have had to play a certain game to make it in the business world, i.e. be the bitchy boss, dress down their femininity, or abide by the rules of a hierarchal structure. Today, however, women are running their own businesses in increasing numbers and are making their own rules. According […]

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Are You a Woman with a Message?

Do you have a fear of public speaking? I do. (Yikes!) Even though I am a writer and reporter and have spent plenty of time on stage as a singer and many years center stage as a teacher, I am still carrying around the fear of public speaking. Ridiculous, right? Maybe not. (Statistics show that […]

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Tracey Trottenberg is Goddess of the Week!

Tracey Trottenberg is a powerful feminine leader helping other women step up and step into themselves as powerful feminine leaders! She is an international speaker, leadership & communications strategist and trainer, and founder of Amazing Women International. She says says being a feminine leader is not about being perfect, it’s about being authentic.

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What’s a Woman in Transition to Do?

Wendi Knox is the creator of Oh My Goddess, a company whose mission is to inspire women to listen to their inner voice and unzip their true selves. After working her way up to be a Senior Vice President Creative Director at a big advertising agency in Los Angeles (she was the only woman in […]

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No Mean Girls Here

If you are a female entrepreneur, groups like SMARTY, eWomenNetwork, Ladies Who Launch, or First Tuesday are great options to connect with outstanding women. Whatever group you may choose, I think if we as women gather together in the truth of our vulnerabilities, fears, needs, dreams, desires, and passions, we will be creating an expansive […]

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Amy Swift-Crosby is Goddess of the Week!

Amy Swift has helped thousands of women launch their business. She is an expert at helping women entrepreneurs connect the dots to turn their ideas and dreams into reality and create profitable, sustainable businesses. She has an outstanding gift of being able to extract the genius in women — helping them articulate what they know […]

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Mary Ann Halpin is Goddess of the Week!

Mary Ann Halpin is an internationally acclaimed author and photographer who is leading women in what is being called a “Fearless Women Revolution.” Her first two books, “Pregnant Goddesshood” and “Fearless Women: Midlife Portraits”, were groundbreaking (and controversial), and now she is about to release a third fearless book. In her new book, “Fearless Women, […]

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Women & Venture Capital – Is it a Rite of Passage Into Our Power?

Every day we hear about incredible improvements in the financial status of women. The numbers look good. But there is still an important area lacking – women’s access to big business funding. Venture Capital. Can a woman grow a really big, world-changing business if she doesn’t have big investors in on the plan? And if […]

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Leap Before You Look

In our American culture it has been taught for a long time that the important things are outside of us … that we are meant to compete, achieve and bring home more goodies than our neighbor. This outlook on living has been going on for so long that it has actually become considered a bold […]

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Women and Money: Let’s Talk About It

With the current financial market crisis and national anxiety about our economy, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about MONEY. Along with perhaps many others, I have gone on a big journey with money this year. I started my business, Lotus Blossom Style, exactly one year ago. I was new to owning a […]

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