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Jacqueline Novogratz is Goddess of the Week!

What’s so inspiring about Jacqueline is that she combines cool-headed business analysis with an equally warm heart. She won’t invest in businesses that don’t work well because she is always looking at the bigger picture and the greater good. “The world will not change with inspiration alone; rather, it requires systems, accountability, and clear measures […]

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India, What the Heck?

As countries like India and China rise in their global status and economic power, I wonder if the increased visibility will force them to clean up their act and see that their children are protected. This headline last week was a harsh reminder of what goes on… “The father of Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali, […]

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India: A Land of Contradictions

I wrote a few blogs ago about how the country of India is referred to by many as “Mother India.” A dinner conversation a few nights ago with my friend Lotta however made me reflect and question this warm reference to India. Lotta said, “For a country that desecrates the land and treats women as […]

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The Husband Test

I missed writing the blog last week! This was not due to any laziness or any other lame reason, but rather due to the fact that I was laid up in bed with what some call “Delhi Belly.” In other words, I was sick in my Indian bed with a bacterial infection of the intestine. […]

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A Changing Lens: Christmas in India

I took a foot bath in the holy Ganges River today — Christmas Day 2008! Just a few days before – what looked like could possibly be an unsatisfying and slightly depressing Christmas – turned into a day filled with gifts. I arrived in India three days ago to find an India that felt tough, unclean […]

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Mother India

I am packing for my trip to India! I am leaving in a few days. This is not just any ordinary trip. This is a trip to get married! My fiancé and I met two years ago on a New Year’s yoga retreat here in California. We felt it only appropriate to have our special […]

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Transformational Travel

The month of December is when some people start thinking about all that has happened over the past twelve months and begin to make plans for how they want to spend their time in the coming year. For those interested in travel, but no longer content with South Beach or Vail, there is another option […]

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