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Shriver Report-video

The Shriver Report Reveals Shocking Reality of Women’s Lives

When we think of poverty in the United States, many of us think of poor children living in inner cities or of families living on the edge in Appalachia. While this is surely where poverty exists, there’s a much more prevalent sector of our population that is living in and on the brink of poverty. […]

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Crowdsourcing the Feminine Intelligence of the Planet: Interview with Jensine Larsen

Jensine Larsen is the founder of World Pulse, a global media platform and communication network devoted to bringing women a global voice. Photo credit: Andrea Leoncavallo About six years ago, I had a vision of what life would be like if women from all over the world could hear each other’s voices through different media […]

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Women in U.S. Leadership: What’s Next?

More women’s voices are needed in public leadership. In the U.S., there are 72 women in the U.S. House of Representatives, 17 women in the Senate, and only six female governors.

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Women as Peacemakers

With more women at the table of diplomatic, economic, and political leadership who take with them their natural feminine strengths of compassion, empathy, and unconditional love – we will see some great changes taking place.

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Women: Changing the Fate of Our Global Future

“In many parts of the world, women are routinely beaten, raped or sold into prostitution. They are denied access to medical care, education and economic and political power. Changing that could change everything.”

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A Life of Service: For Love, Money or Both?

The recession may not only be changing household budgets and habits, but also challenging longstanding gender roles. The New York Times reported that 82 percent of the job losses in the recent months have befallen men. For many households this means that women who once were full-time homemakers are now switching to be full-time career-women […]

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At Last!

I have been watching the Democratic National Convention in Denver on television for the past four nights and have found myself completely renewed and excited about politics in America. The last time I was this excited was in 1992 when I was working for the Women’s Campaign Fund in Washington D.C. helping more women to […]

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