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Joanna Lindenbaum is Goddess of the Week!

The inclusion of women as spiritual leaders in cultures and religions, in my opinion, is really what’s going to bring about the change in the world …

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Tanya Paluso is Goddess of the Week!

Tanya Paluso is on a mission to help women reclaim their true expression and shift the planet to a new paradigm of feminine leadership, partnership and collaboration. She is the c0-founder and CEO of Tribal Truth, a national community of spiritually-conscious women entrepreneurs empowering, collaborating, and supporting one another as they share their message with the world through online social networking and live events.

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Suparna Bhasin is Goddess of the Week!

Suparna Bhasin is on a mission to help women find their voice and true calling in the world and build a global network of women who support, encourage and collaborate with one another as they pursue their passions and create change in their work and the world. She is the founder and CEO of She Creates Change, a women’s empowerment company based in New York City, and is President of the Board of the Women’s Education Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping young …

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Amber Krzys is Goddess of the Week!

Amber Krzys is on a mission to change the way women relate to their bodies and to ultimately bring more balance to the world by celebrating femininity and the ‘ART of a woman.’ Amber is the founder of bodyheart, an educational program and movement encouraging women to celebrate the ART of their own form.

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Lotta Alsen is Goddess of the Week!

Lotta Alsén is on a mission to bring forth a new era in business, where the right brain is balanced by the left brain, and where personal leadership, intuition, creativity, purpose, mindfulness and authenticity form the key principles of every company and organization. With a Master’s degree in International Economics, Lotta is the founder and CEO of Quickenings, an International Coaching and Leadership Training company focused on empowering a new generation of conscious leaders and change agents, with a special focus on women leaders.

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Christina Dunbar is Goddess of the Week!

Christina Dunbar is on a mission to heal what she calls this ‘blanket of shame’ that has been covering the Light of a woman’s true nature. As the founder of The Power Goddess, Christina is pioneering a movement to help women awaken to their beauty, embrace their sensuality, honor their sexuality, and recognize their Divine gifts.

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Alexandra Jaye is Goddess of the Week!

Alexandra Jaye is a passionate, playful, adventurous and soulful Goddess. She is all about living with as much love, joy, fun, appreciation, and enthusiasm as possible and inspiring others to do the same! She is the Founder of and the creator of the Rock Your Goddess Life program. Through her work, she shares her wisdom, expertise and excitement about nutrition, fitness, spirituality, sensuality, creativity and love.

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Nitika Chopra is Goddess of the Week!

Nitika Chopra is a television host, motivational speaker, and the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Bella Life, an online magazine to help people discover what brings out the color in their world. Nitika is all about spirit, joy, laughter, love and passion. This Goddess brings vibrance to everything she does!

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Katie Orenstein is Goddess of the Week!

Katie Orenstein is helping bring women’s voices to the forefront of public conversation. She is the founder of The Op-Ed Project, an initiative to expand the range of voices we hear from in the world. Since women currently do not submit to key opinion forums with anywhere near the frequency that men do, The OpEd Project targets and trains women experts at top universities, think tanks, nonprofits, and community organizations to write op-eds and take thought leadership positions in their fields.

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Leela Francis is Goddess of the Week!

Leela Francis is a powerful feminine leader helping women stand for their own life and stand for the sensual, spiritual, and creative rights and freedoms for all women. She is the founder of Vividly Woman™ and VividExistence™, both created to help women live in their sensuality, dance their power, and thrive in their life.

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