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Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem, Mother of Feminism

PHOTO CREDIT: Marnie Joyce via Creative Commons License Today is Gloria Steinem’s 80th birthday. The mother of the women’s movement. The Mother of Feminism (Second Wave, that is). She, who paved the pathway for our physical, psychological, political, social, economic and vocal liberation in the 21st century. While Gloria opened the door for us, she […]

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The Women’s Movement: What’s Next?

Fourth wave feminism is not about “fighting for our rights.” It is about coming into ourselves as leaders so that we never have to “fight” for anything.

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Fearless Women: Is There Such a Thing?

On August 26, 2010 women will gather around the US and Canada in celebration of their fearless journey for a first annual “Fearless Women Day.” On this day, 90 years ago, the 19th amendment was ratified to give women the right to vote. Each city participating will vote for, select and honor one fearless woman […]

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Woman vs. Girl

While feminists made “woman” a hard and fast rule, could it be time to reopen the case?

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Sitting on the Sidelines is SO Yesterday

Maria Shriver, Madeleine Albright, Christiane Amanpour, Jennifer Lopez, Condoleezza Rice, Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King, Rachel Ray, Bonnie Raitt, Louise Hay, Indra Nooyi and many more renowned and inspiring women revealed their personal stories and life challenges on a wake-up call day in Long Beach, CA on Wednesday. I took a traffic-filled drive on Wednesday […]

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