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Find Your Voice

Your inner voice is speaking to you. Can you hear Her? I used to feel that my voice didn’t matter. I grew up as the youngest child and only girl in a family of two brothers, and a very strong lineage of male leaders going back to the earliest days of the United States. While […]

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I’m Writing a Book!

I am writing a book! It’s finally happening. This is something I have wanted to do for a long while, but never really felt that I could go all the way with it. I had ideas about what I wanted to write about, and even started writing a book on several occassions (some of you […]

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EQUAL_RIGHTS_AMENDMENT-Chicago-Sun Times-File-Photo

Wait, Women Don’t Have Equal Rights in the United States?

Activists supporting the Equal Rights Amendment during a 1978 rally in Chicago. Photo credit: Chicago Sun-Times file photoI’m part of Generation X — the generation where girls and young women were taught that we could be anything, do anything and, if we worked hard enough, could have it all. We saw women go into space, […]

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Emma Watson Nails UN Women Speech on Gender Equality

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is Emma Watson’s powerful ‪ speech she gave at the United Nations over the weekend calling for gender equality ‪ and a redefinition of feminism. I highly recommend it!       Tabby Biddle is a celebrated women’s leadership coach and well-known voice speaking out for the human […]

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Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem, Mother of Feminism

PHOTO CREDIT: Marnie Joyce via Creative Commons License Today is Gloria Steinem’s 80th birthday. The mother of the women’s movement. The Mother of Feminism (Second Wave, that is). She, who paved the pathway for our physical, psychological, political, social, economic and vocal liberation in the 21st century. While Gloria opened the door for us, she […]

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The New ‘Smart’

Aha. I knew what she was talking about. This was a kind of smart that I related to. This is a kind of smart that lies within my body, and lies within my soul. This is a kind of smart that feels unique to me. This is a kind of smart that helps me see […]

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Farm-fed Feminism

No longer are the days when the word feminist equates to “raging woman.” Today, a new kind of feminist is staking her ground and claiming her values — this time by raising her own chickens.

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Woman vs. Girl

While feminists made “woman” a hard and fast rule, could it be time to reopen the case?

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