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Tag Archives | feminine leadership

Find Your Voice

Your inner voice is speaking to you. Can you hear Her? I used to feel that my voice didn’t matter. I grew up as the youngest child and only girl in a family of two brothers, and a very strong lineage of male leaders going back to the earliest days of the United States. While […]

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I’m Writing a Book!

I am writing a book! It’s finally happening. This is something I have wanted to do for a long while, but never really felt that I could go all the way with it. I had ideas about what I wanted to write about, and even started writing a book on several occassions (some of you […]

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10 Rules for Emerging Women Leaders

I believe the world is ready for feminine leadership and that women leaders are the solution to the world’s ills. I also believe that when women and men share in leadership, we create the possibility of an energetic balance between the feminine and the masculine, which I believe will ultimately create the circumstances for global […]

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Why Aren’t There More Women in Leadership Positions?

Ultimately I think for more women to be in leadership positions, we (both women and men) need to honor the feminine qualities of our intuitive nature, compassionate nature, and our emotional nature.

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The Women’s Movement: What’s Next?

Fourth wave feminism is not about “fighting for our rights.” It is about coming into ourselves as leaders so that we never have to “fight” for anything.

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Attention Women: Being a “Good Girl” Comes with Risks

What happens when a woman doesn’t use her voice to express herself fully? I have been thinking a lot about this question lately, and have been struggling with using my own voice in a way that feels aligned with the bigger picture that I feel inside of me.

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Are You a Woman Doing Business Like a Man?

t’s no secret that women have had to play a certain game to make it in the business world, i.e. be the bitchy boss, dress down their femininity, or abide by the rules of a hierarchal structure. Today, however, women are running their own businesses in increasing numbers and are making their own rules. According […]

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Tracey Trottenberg is Goddess of the Week!

Tracey Trottenberg is a powerful feminine leader helping other women step up and step into themselves as powerful feminine leaders! She is an international speaker, leadership & communications strategist and trainer, and founder of Amazing Women International. She says says being a feminine leader is not about being perfect, it’s about being authentic.

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