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The Grand Fears of a Tortured Heretic

 The Grand Fears of the Tortured Heretic. This is a big deal for me to talk about. I’ve been kind of putting this off over the last couple of weeks because it has felt scary for me to come forward with this, but as usual, my bigger mission pushes me through the fears so I […]

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Do Men Get It?

  This article was first published on The Huffington Post. Last week at the Huffington Post’s first annual Women’s Conference, Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joe” sat on a panel called “Do Men Get It?” He sat with five other men, including actor Adrian Grenier, artist and storyteller Brian Andreas, Harvard professor Bill George, Ohio Representative […]

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The New ‘Smart’

Aha. I knew what she was talking about. This was a kind of smart that I related to. This is a kind of smart that lies within my body, and lies within my soul. This is a kind of smart that feels unique to me. This is a kind of smart that helps me see […]

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Amanda Young is Goddess of the Week!

Amanda Young is on a mission to help women become their most juicy, radiant, abundant, confident, sensual and awakened self! A former actress and current certified holistic health and nutrition counselor, Amanda is the founder of Urban Goddess Health, Urban Goddess Chocolate, and Urban Goddess Retreats. She is a Divine Goddess healer who is committed […]

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Reinterpreting Eve

A look at spirituality from a feminine perspective.

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Women and Self-Confidence

Self-confidence, whether you are a woman or a man, affects all aspects of our lives, including our career, relationships, and our ability to bring in financial abundance. As a woman, I have been privy to many personal conversations with other women and I have found one thing in common over and over. Whether I am […]

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Market Plunge and the Divine Feminine

Once upon a time it was about the lone wolf attitude of who could make the most money the fastest. However, the free-falling of our own stock market followed quickly by similar dire straights of the foreign markets only emphasizes our interconnectedness. No one really knows exactly why the market is crashing now, but perhaps […]

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Is there a Feminine Face of God?

Have you ever questioned the image of God as male? For most of my life I never did. Over the past year I started to wonder how always hearing “he” and “him” in reference to God creates the idea that some, who are male, are more like God, and those who are “she” and “her” […]

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A New World Balance

Little by little people seem to be waking up to the fact that our society could in some way benefit from the ideals of compassion and connection, rather than competition and warfare. I have been a longtime believer in resolving conflict through discussion and negotiation, rather than through bombs and decimation. Finally, it seems that […]

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Kali: She Transforms the Lives of Those Who Honor Her

One of the comments that I received in response to my last blog was about the Hindu Goddess Kali. Kali, known as the Goddess of Destruction, has always been a bit intimidating to me. With a big sword, skulls as her jewelry adornment, and a dominating position over what looks like a deceased body, you […]

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