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Your Voice Now

Tabby Biddle Your Voice Now

90-Day VIP Women’s Leadership Program

Do you want to have more clarity and understanding of your true mission here on the planet? Do you long to move forward with the next evolution of your work, but feel overwhelmed by where to get to started and how to keep going in a way that is realistic to your circumstances?  Do you want someone to take you by the hand and lovingly guide you through this transition you are in to help you get to the next big phase of your leadership? Are you ready for your voice and your actions to touch the lives of all the people who are waiting for you?

This 90-day one-on-one program will take you through a powerful, transformational process to help you claim your feminine leadership like you never have before so that you can make the change you were born to make in the world.

Each week I will guide you through essential steps to get you in touch with your voice, help you access your wisdom, work with you to clarify your mission and message, identify your best leadership platform(s), and then will help you put everything together so you are in motion, taking the lead and making the change that you were born to make in the world.

There is no better time than now to come out of hiding and step onto the stage as a feminine leader. I firmly believe that as more women find the courage to use their voice to get their message out to the world, we will create the circumstances for a more empowered, healthy and peaceful life for ALL.

Imagine …

  • Reaching tens of thousands of people with your website, blog, book and/or programs
  • Attracting speaking opportunities on radio and TV to help you reach even more people
  • Receiving invitations to speak and participate at conferences and other influential events
  • Enjoying a steady stream of clients
  • Enjoying more income
  • Being recognized as a leading expert in your field
  • Touching the lives of so many more people than you may have ever thought possible
  • Making the big impact in the world you know you were born for

In our work together, I will be working from an intuitive level, as well as providing you with project management and all the nuts and bolts you’ll need to stay on track, focused, and motivated to share your message and stand in your leadership with confidence, ease and grace.

YOUR VOICE NOW can help you …

  • launch a new business
  • start a non-profit organization
  • build a new structure for social change
  • become an advocate for what you care about most
  • develop a course curriculum or workshop series
  • write a signature talk and develop your speaking platform
  • create a television show or video series
  • launch a radio show
  • develop and launch a new website and blog
  • unleash your artistry
  • step into a new career
  • leave your job
  • claim your purpose

* In our work together, we will determine the best leadership channels for you to pursue first.

Through this program, you will:

  • Become absolutely clear about your message
  • Be able to articulate who you are and what you are here to do
  • Develop greater trust in your intuition and feminine wisdom
  • Gain confidence in yourself and your voice
  • Develop a stronger sense of presence
  • Grow your leadership skills
  • Establish your leadership platform
  • Feel more enthusiasm and inspiration for your everyday life
  • Feel a greater sense of peace and ease about what you are here to do
  • Feel fully confident in yourself and your value in the world

Your Voice Now Curriculum

WEEK 1:  From Confusion to Clarity – Getting Clear on Your Mission & Message

WEEK 2:  Activating Your Big Vision

WEEK 3:  Your Leadership Platform

WEEK 4:  Diving into Your Leadership Project(s)

WEEK 5:  Diving in Deeper

WEEK 6:  Unleashing Your Creative Expression & Owning Your Authority

WEEK 7:  Taking Your Project(s) to the Next Level

WEEK 8:  Overcoming Visibility Fears

WEEK 9:  Marketing & Promotion Strategy

WEEK 10:  Stepping Out as a Leader

WEEK 11:  Finalizing Your Project(s)

WEEK 12:  Graduation & Launch

The VIP program includes:

  • an intake process (written interview)
  • twelve (12) 60-minute coaching/consulting calls (1x/week)
  • follow-up notes after every session
  • writing assignments to guide you and break down the process into clear, manageable steps
  • writing tips to make your life easier
  • three (3) hours of editorial review to provide you with feedback and guidance
  • accountability to stay on track, motivated and encouraged
  • soulful support of your personal process to help you move through any emotional blocks that come up as you work on your project and step further into your calling as a leader

This program is for you if …

  • you’re tired of playing small.
  • you’re done with undervaluing yourself.
  • you’re tired of hiding your voice and the truth of who you really are.
  • you’re frustrated that you keep moving forward in terms of your visibility, but then you slip back into hiding all too easily.
  • you’re tired of self-esteem issues getting in the way of you stepping up as the leader you know your were born to be.
  • you know you have a global mission, but you feel confused about how to articulate the message that you feel deep inside your soul.
  • you’re overwhelmed by the steps you think it will take for you to become the leader you are meant to be.
  • you’re ready to make a bigger impact in the world.


Are you ready to stand in your leadership to make the change you were born to make in the world?

If so, it would be my honor to support you in your process.


The investment for this 90-day VIP program is $5000.

 Payment plans are available.

If this program sounds like just what you need to go from where you are now to where you want to go …



Book a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session. During your session, we will look at where you are now, explore where you want to go, and determine whether this is the right program for you.



Tabby-Biddle-ContactTabby Biddle, M.S. Ed., is a celebrated women’s leadership coach and a well-known voice speaking out for the human rights and empowerment of women and girls around the world. She is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action.

As a writer and speaker dedicated to women’s rights and raising the profile of issues affecting women and girls, Tabby’s voice has been featured by The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, UN Dispatch, Current TV, BlogHer, and National Public Radio (NPR). A United Nations Foundation press fellow and passionate advocate for advancing women’s leadership, Tabby has spoken at numerous events to empower the voices of women and girls, including The Feminine Light in the Middle East Conference, Global Girl Media Journalism Academy, Women Empowered, and the WriteGirl Journalism Conference.

Through her speaking appearances, group classes and private coaching practice, Tabby has supported hundreds of women on their path into leadership – from business leaders, to media personalities, to celebrity activists, to artists, to everyday women.

Tabby received her Masters in Education from Bank Street College in New York City and her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Colby College. She lives in Santa Monica, CA with her beloved husband, toddler son and kitten.

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