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Richelle-Carey-speaks-about-Tabby-BiddleWhile I knew what I wanted to say, Tabby helped me define my voice in the most powerful way. I learned lessons from her I will carry forward with me for years to come. Before working with Tabby, I knew I wanted to use my platform to contribute something to this world that matters, specifically for women and girls. I felt that we needed more women in the media speaking for women … not dumbing down to them. It’s insulting what’s out there. I wanted to do my part to elevate the conversation, but needed support to get there. As I worked with Tabby, my voice became clear, my purpose more defined, my motivation kicked into high gear. Through our work together, I was able to create a website that represented my voice and passion for empowering women and girls, which now serves as a platform for my advocacy work. I am eternally grateful for Tabby’s guidance, wisdom and patience. She helped me accomplish something I never thought I could. I so enjoyed working with Tabby, and highly recommend working with her!”

Richelle Carey, News Anchor at Al Jazeera America, Advocate for Women and Girls

Marcia-Cross-Goddess-Leadership-Tabby-Biddle“Tabby Biddle is a spirit guide in the flesh. She has the gift of being able to hear your deepest calling, wildest dreams and paralyzing fear — and walk hand in hand with it all. After being unconsciously called to wake up and participate in the world in a larger way, I literally saw Tabby’s name come up on my path over and over until I got the message to call her. What followed was guidance in the concrete steps to my vision as well as her ability to hold the space for the “who am I to do this?” conversation. She is an empowerer, enlightener and entrepreneur. I am forever changed and still changing from our work together. It is women like Tabby Biddle, and those whose paths she has touched, that are upping the ante for women’s involvement and I pray ultimate healing of our planet. I support Tabby’s work 100 percent and highly recommend working with her!”

Marcia Cross, Actress & Activist

Amelia-PawlakIf you have even the tiniest inkling/sense/feeling that you need to work with Tabby – honor that. Miracles will happen. Before working with Tabby, I was struggling with clearly defining my curriculum for my workshop series and staying focused and accountable to myself. I was also struggling with the responsibility of what it means to be a powerful person in the world.  As Tabby and I worked together, I began to feel more at ease. I looked forward to every productive week with Tabby by my side. I was able to flush out my ideas with her, get support around some of the doubt that was creeping in about what I had to offer, and get support around organizing the curriculum in a way that made me feel confident and incredibly empowered. As a result of my work with Tabby, I am going to be launching the Your Perfect Role workshop series at the start of the new year! I am so grateful to Tabby for being instrumental in coaching me through this birthing process. Her intuition, stellar navigation system, loving, insightful and spot-on contributions have assisted me in getting my voice heard beyond my expectations. Tabby’s thoughtfulness, kindness and commitment to excellence, combined with her compassion and integrity are changing the world. I feel blessed to have been able to work with her.”

– Amelia Pawlak, Warner Bros. Consultant, Actor & Founder of Your Perfect Role

SheilaBreysse“My process with Tabby was instrumental in getting the “stuck” out of my vocabulary and life. Before working with Tabby, I was struggling with understanding the deeper purpose of why I am here and the work I am meant to do. I was also struggling with fear, boredom and just plain lack of inspiration. I had also lost my voice, especially at work, feeling like I could not get my message across. Through my work with Tabby, I began to solidify my dreams and visions — creating online educational opportunities for people who may not believe that they have opportunities – and I was able to embrace fear, rather than let it lead me. As a result, I began to find my voice again, and started to feel confident again in who I am. Most importantly, I began to open up and let life in, rather than push it away. I now feel movement in who I am and a new confidence as I move forward. Tabby is an amazing listener and great coach.  She helped to bring my true voice back into my life with my spirit coming to life.  I’m excited now to take steps toward my dreams.”

– Sheila Breysse, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft

Delilah Panio“Tabby’s gift for sure is being able to hear the true voice regardless of what you are actually saying. Before working with Tabby, I was really unhappy with work, and was feeling under-utilized and underpaid. I was feeling so tired mentally and physically, and was obsessed with figuring out “my calling.” I couldn’t answer the questions “what do you stand for,” and basically, “who are you.” When I started my work with Tabby, we worked through so many of my fears together, including putting a stake in the ground for my calling, committing to one thing, trusting myself to make healthy decisions both with my work and my daily lifestyle choices, and putting myself out there with my work and my book. After working with Tabby, I have a calmness about me and my life that I didn’t have before. I feel strong and confident in being able to really listen to my voice and trust it, Tabby was really able to go beyond what I was saying to her and pull out the fears and lessons that needed to be dealt with. Her intuition is incredibly strong and so is her compassion, but also she has just enough tough love to push me forward. That was the magic that made the difference from other programs. Tabby is an extraordinary coach and woman. Our work together has had such an impact of my life and my ongoing journey.”

Delilah Panio, Founder of Stiletto Dash Inc. & Los Angeles Lead of SheEO Inc.

“Tabby is a gifted teacher and coach. She has an innate ability to create confidence Margo-Tiradoand encouragement in women, and has mastered the art and science of encouraging women to find their voice! Before the course, I was struggling with translating my introverted intuition into extroverted words. I had so much to say, and I could not create any structure around it. I had been writing, but it was all a jumbled hot mess. I also felt very overwhelmed by the entire process of writing, editing, publishing. The feedback on my homework was invaluable. I always felt supported and also really looked forward to suggestions on how to make my writing better. Tabby’s supportive, non-critical voice, really helped me lower the volume on my own critical voice. As a result of the course, I have more clarity, confidence and determination. I have clarity on the purpose of my book, my target audience, a chapter-by-chapter outline, a writing schedule, and a “sisterhood of traveling pens.” Tabby is a genius in her ability to create order out of the writing messiness. I am grateful to Tabby today, tomorrow and the next day!”

Margo Tirado, MA, LCPC, Therapist, Coach & Co-Author of THE DASH Conference for Women

Asha Ramakrishna_Tabby Biddle TestimonialJuliana Morris_Tabby Biddle TestimonialZinnia Gupte_Tabby Biddle Testimonial

Asha RamakrishnaTabby walked me through an important transformation. One that was required for me to truly impact the world in the way I am able to. She helped me to formulate a topic for my TEDx talk that is relevant to the world, and that also aligns with the way I want to shift world economy. Without her, I am not sure I would have gotten as specific, nor would I have pushed myself in the direction that my talk went. Her constant revisions, feedback, and the space she held for this was top-notch. I am beyond grateful for her attention to detail, and her devotion to facilitating the voice of women on national and international platforms. The TEDx course provided all the pieces for me to bring forth My Idea Worth Spreading.”

Asha Ramakrishna, Molecular Biologist, Business and Spiritual Mentor, ashaisnow.com

Joanna Lindenbaum“Tabby is the woman you want in your corner if you are wanting to give a TEDx talk, or any other transformational talk. She will support you to find your message and step into who you are as a thought leader through the preparation of the talk.She will also help you with your application process. Tabby seriously just impresses me every time I connect with her. She is a woman who owns her voice and her opinions, and has no fear or lack of courageousness when it comes to wisely sharing that beautiful voice. Tabby stands so fully for the divine feminine and for women finding their true power; if you don’t know her, I HIGHLY recommend getting to know her.”

Joanna Lindenbaum, Spiritual Business Coach & Founder of Soulful Coach

NorieMarfil-small“Tabby was a beacon of light for me. I can’t say enough about the goodness of Tabby’s heart, her beautiful essence, and her remarkable spirit in the world. Before working with Tabby, I was struggling with how to use my voice and my story to empower others. I knew that before I could fully own my story and the vision I was holding in my heart of the community that I wanted to build (Hearts Nest), there were healing processes that needed to happen. Although I had been moving forward towards Hearts Nest’s fruition – I often found myself walking so cautiously and hence stalling the birthing process of it. Through my work with Tabby, I began to have a number of breakthroughs. As I got even more concrete clarity about Hearts Nest, I was able to put a stake in the ground for its birth, and am now launching the website! I am feeling so blessed, grateful, confident and loved. Tabby is a Mother Goddess. She held me close in her heart while gently leading me towards my intention and vision. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Thank you Tabby for all that you offer and all that you are.”

– Norie Marfil, Poet, Artist, Author, Speaker & Founder of Hearts Nest

ConnieVasquezTabby is an extraordinarily unique blend of gentleness, candor, strength, and clear-eyed business practicality; in the most profound way she wants you to stand in your own strength and for the world to hear you. You will emerge from her structured yet fluid process with an astonishing new wingspan. I have worked with “coaches” before – that word just feels inapt for Tabby. Her process is unique, so much more than a “coach” and stunningly effective. Having worked with Tabby in an intimate and powerful process, I feel stronger, more empowered, and truly launched. I have the keys to unlock myself more fully, and I now truly own what it is I have to say and so very much want to share with the world.”

Connie Vasquez, Lawyer, District Leader for the Humane Society of the United States

         Karynne Boese_Tabby Biddle Testimonial     Sonali Fiske_Tabby Biddle Testimonial


“Not only is Tabby an influential writer who challenges women to voice their truth in the socio-political arena, she’s also a gifted teacher who empowers her students to fully express themselves in the form of their very own book. Before Tabby’s ‘Write Your Book’ course, I was struggling with the belief that my book wasn’t really important and didn’t really have anything new or innovative to contribute. During the course, I began to believe that I really am a writer and that my voice matters! As I wrote, I began to value the power and beauty of my own poetic voice. Now I find myself singing, rather than whispering. Tabby’s expert knowledge of the writing process, as well as her intuitive skills and mastery of the divine feminine craft of storytelling, make her my mentor of choice. This course is allowing me to fulfill a life-long dream of birthing my book into being. I cannot thank you enough, Tabby!”

– Jasmine Sreenika Crystalsinger, Writer & Founder of Video Goddess Academy

Rachel Keener“Tabby’s guidance was instrumental in helping me bring forward my truths. She truly helped me find my most authentic voice. Before working with Tabby, the biggest thing I was struggling with was lack of clarity. I felt my mission on this earth, and my vision for what is possible, was so grand that I wasn’t even sure where to begin.. While I knew inside what I wanted to say, Tabby helped me bring what I had to say to the surface. The process was AMAZING. She has this way of blending the intuitive with the very rational, logical and practical, and somehow helping you do the same alongside her. From the moment I started working with Tabby, everything in my life has become more clear, more balanced and more fulfilled. I have now officially incorporated as “The New Vision Project” and I am feeling ecstatic. Every single day I feel like I am going to burst with excitement about following this path, sharing an important message and being a part of something that is so big. Tabby, thank you for breathing life into my dreams.”

– Rachel Keener, Founder of The New Vision Project

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Tabby is supportive on so many levels including the practical, emotional and spiritual. She has a playful, light-hearted and intuitive approach mixed with practical professionalism. Before I started working with Tabby, I was struggling with getting clear on my message and developing a platform for my message. Tabby’s razor-like focus, expertise and encouragement helped me break through my resistance and fears to get to the true essence of who I am and what I want to bring to the world. With her guidance and support, I got clear on my message and developed a leadership platform. I now feel confident, motivated and clear on the next action steps to take to realize my vision of empowering women to break their silence to step into their power and to live their lives full out.”

Pat Meier, MSW, LISW, Licensed Therapist

“Tabby’s ‘Find Your Voice’ coaching program was absolutely the best thing I have ever donePaigeNolan-TabbyBiddle-Testimonial for my career! I feel so much more valuable in the world and like this is a whole new stage of my work, my life, my spiritual growth. Before I began working with Tabby, I struggled with having a clear vision and holding myself accountable to realistic and productive goals consistently. I was full of self-doubt. I spent time “thinking” so much about my ultimate vision and business that it felt like I was “doing” a lot but I wasn’t actually getting a lot done. Without a guide like Tabby, I was alone with my ideas, unable to see how they connected, unable to organize them in a way that gave voice to my message. Upon my very first conversation with Tabby, she gave me an incredible shot of confidence and infused me with courage. Tabby showed me exactly how to move in the direction of my vision. She challenged me to dig deeper, look more closely, widen my lens and see the political and change-agent perspective I naturally have, but wasn’t owning before. In my work with Tabby, I learned so much about my self-worth and how important it is to exercise my voice as a writer and speaker and healer in order to honor my true spirit. I am feeling so relieved, so much lighter, so so proud of myself and GRATEFUL that I stretched to work with Tabby. I loved working with her and am truly grateful for her commitment to me.”

Paige Nolan, Writer, Teacher & Coach

Catherine_DeMonte-150x150“Tabby is a Sister in the best sense of the word, and I am so honored to call her my coach.I am moved by her humility and kindness, and also by her warmth and love. I felt so held by Tabby in this course. Before the “Write Your Book” course, I was struggling with structuring my writing and not knowing a THING about editors, publishers and publishing. I was also unclear about my voice. In short, all of it was new! As I started writing, it made me feel more raw than I expected. The support from both Tabby and the group was wonderful. I felt more encouraged and empowered, and felt less alone. I also discovered my book is more important and has a more universal message than I had first known. This gave me a reason to keep going and not quit. As a result of the course, I feel much clearer about my voice, have more direction, and feel emboldened, really.”

– Catherine DeMonte, LMFT, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, Founder of the Abundance Circles

Wendi-KnoxI can’t think of a more beautiful role model for young women or anyone more committed to uplifting womankind for all of us. Tabby, is lighting the way for so many women through her words, her actions and the way she supports other women leaders (like me!). What I most admire about her form of leadership is that it’s not about wielding power in the outside world. It’s about tapping into the power of your inner world. Thank you Tabby for sharing your heart, your wisdom and your voice with all of us emerging leaders.”

Wendi Knox, Artist, Writer & Speaker

Rochelle-Orion“I have been struggling for years with revealing my gifts to the world.  In the past there were such immense consequences in doing so. But with Tabby’s profound heartfelt support, her intense listening skills and immense wisdom, for the first time I spoke out loud what has been locked within my heart and soul. In her workshop, Tabby asked the most reflective questions, intuiting what direction each of us needed. All the women there were able to articulate their dreams, goals and missions. It was a celebration for each of us separately and together in sisterhood. I am so grateful that I got the chance to experience Tabby’s magic and look forward to the work ahead.”

Rochelle Orion, Oracle & Founder of the Go Sacred Circle

Karinna Hantula“I have come so far during my time working with Tabby. Tabby took my dreams into her loving tender care and launched them into action. Tabby truly has an ability to set dreams on fire and keep them burning until the light is visible to everyone. She does it so perfectly, with such a grace and support. Tabby helped shape my world from small to big, from darkness to light, from impossibilities to possibilities. Working with her has been life-changing. Thank you Tabby for your faith in me. It is more precious than you can imagine.”

– Karinna Hantula, Writer & Founder of the Tribe of Butterfly Goddesses

Andrea-Marcos“Having a strong woman like Tabby cheering me on and creating a safe environment for me to share everything and feel ok about it was a big deal for me. 
Through our work together, I regained my confidence that I had lost since moving to Los Angeles. Before we started working together, I was feeling insecure about every little thing I wanted to communicate. I was not being as clear and concise as I wanted to be at work, and felt frustrated by this. As Tabby and I worked together, she gave me very practical suggestions to focus my thinking to communicate better. She also provided me with feminine practices that helped me trust my intuition more around my work, and as a result, gave me the confidence to offer my perspective to co­workers who are more senior than me. My presence has improved, and I am now more concise and clear in the way I communicate with others. I’m so glad I gave this coaching a try!”

– Andrea Marcos, Business Analyst at ZestFinance

Julia Huffman“Tabby helped me immensely to find my voice and uncover pieces that are ready to be healed and shared. Before beginning our work together, I didn’t feel confident in writing my TEDx talk. It felt daunting and like I needed a road map that I didn’t have. As Tabby and I worked together, I started feeling more confidence in my storytelling, and eventually I was able to discover those authentic parts of myself that needed to be brought into the light. I also discovered there is a pace and rhythm to storytelling and delivering a compelling talk. Tabby’s soulful guidance and focus is felt deeply. I now feel a deeper sense of confidence in my abilities to write and tell my story. I feel empowered in my femaleness and that my idea is important and valuable to the world!”

– Julia Huffman, Filmmaker and Director, Medicine of the Wolf

Sonali Fiske

“Tabby is such a nurturing and loving presence – without her belief in me, and her trust in her own inner-guidance, there is no way I would be standing in my strength, my message today. Before working with Tabby, I was struggling with limiting beliefs and fears that my message wasn’t strong enough, good enough or valuable for the TEDx stage. During my work with Tabby, I received so much inspiration and I began to trust in my particular direction to help immigrant/refugee/transnational women have a more visible role in our society and in leadership. Most notably, I grew much more confident. Working with Tabby helped me think bigger, helped affirm that I am on the right track and that I can continue to raise the intensity of my voice with this message for the world. I am so utterly grateful for all of the support, guidance and advice I received. Tabby is a gift to this world. The results of my work with Tabby will help me for years to come!”

– Sonali Fiske, Women’s Empowerment & Leadership Mentor for Immigrant, Transnational, Refugee Women


GirlUpTabby is a tireless advocate for empowering women and girls and bringing to light the issues that impact this population most. She was one of the first writers to cover the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign – a “for girls, by girls” campaign that allows American girls to channel their energy and compassion to raise awareness and funds for UN programs that help some of the world’s hardest-to-reach adolescent girls. After her article appeared in The Huffington Post, the word-of-mouth buzz for Girl Up took off! Tabby’s column – and subsequent coverage of the campaign – helped launch our campaign in the blogosphere.  You would be hard-pressed to find another writer whose passion and dedication shines through like Tabby’s does.”

Girl Up | United Nations Foundation

StepUp-Womens-Network“Tabby has a genuine desire to help others change the world. Because of this, she works tirelessly to experience her stories firsthand and to have meaningful conversations with her sources. The result is copy that jumps off the page with truth, meaning, and inspiration. When Tabby writes, people take note – and take action. Any organization would be lucky to work with her. Tabby does what she says she will do – and then exceeds every expectation. I wish there were more Tabby’s to go around!”

–  Step Up Women’s Network

Global-Girl-Media-logo“Tabby’s unflagging enthusiasm for empowering young women to speak their minds and contribute to the global dialogue about women’s rights is not only inspirational but essential to improving the lives of girls and women. We feel privileged to know Tabby and work with her, one of the true feminist and fierce leaders of our movement for gender equity in media and representation.”

Global Girl Media

Write-Girl-LogoTabby, you were inspirational and are the epitome of astounding. We appreciated you coming and sharing your stories, wisdom and insights with us. Thank you for being a role model and holding your head high. Thank you for being a part of our event, and above all thank you for showing us the power women hold.”



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