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Are you committed to having more women in top leadership positions, but don’t have a strategy to get there?

As a Leadership Ambassador with Take The Lead, I am committed to preparing, developing, inspiring and propelling women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions by 2025.

I specialize in media and entertainment companies looking for a unique comprehensive program to promote their women into the upper echelons of leadership and solve the gender parity issue that plagues Hollywood.

With Hollywood Studio senior management overwhelmingly male (83%), and women heavily underrepresented behind the scenes as writers, directors, executive producers, showrunners and creators, I offer one and two-day trainings that directly address the root issues that have stalled women at less than 20 percent of top leadership positions as content creators and high-level decision-makers.

Studies from Catalyst, to McKinsey & Company to Credit Suisse, have shown that companies with more women leaders at the highest levels make more money and outperform their competitors with fewer women leaders. Not only is there a higher ROI with more women executives, when women take their place as leaders on both sides of the camera, as writers, directors, producers, and protagonists, they are making superior investment returns in the marketplace, as compared with their male counterparts.

Women are a powerful force. More women in leadership roles equals greater success for your company. Organizations that neglect this critical talent-management issue risk lagging behind their competitors.

My one and two-day trainings will benefit your company’s performance and provide support for your rising women leaders. In my trainings, women will redefine their relationship with power by learning to shift from an outdated and oppressive “power over” model to an expansive, creative, positive, innovative and inspiring “powerTO” way of being and managing. From this new power construct, the leadership training offers a set of nine immediately actionable Power Tools that have the power to fundamentally change how women show up in the workplace and support women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions by 2025.

In this training, women can expect to:

  • Be introduced to a more sophisticated, inclusive concept of power
  • Learn how to embrace their power with intention, confidence and authenticity
  • Understand their unique value as feminine leaders so that they can advance their career
  • Feel empowered to voice their opinions in the workplace, initiate projects, and be heard
  • Gain the support and the courage they need to trust their creative vision and use it to achieve greater efficiency, solve problems, and reach company goals
  • Explore and learn how to apply the 9 Leadership Power Tools
  • Develop a powerful Strategic Leadership Action Plan to achieve their career goals
  • Be supported by a sisterhood of women who will encourage them, hold them accountable and cheer them on as they take these next steps in their leadership

True to my style, the training will be very sisterly, honest and fun.

“While I knew what I wanted to say, Tabby helped me define my voice in the most powerful way. I learned lessons from her that I will carry forward with me for years to come. As I worked with Tabby, my voice became clear, my purpose more defined, my motivation kicked into high gear. I am eternally grateful for Tabby’s guidance and wisdom. She helped me accomplish something I never thought I could.”

– Richelle Carey, News Anchor, Al Jazeera English



This training is a great way for your organization to reduce turnover of female employees, reach company diversity goals, and unlock the leadership potential of female employees, ultimately improving your company’s culture and bottom line.

If you feel this training would benefit your organization, please contact me for a quote and to discuss training options. Contact Tabby.

What is Take The Lead?

Take The Lead is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to prepare, develop, inspire, and propel women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025. It’s today’s women’s movement — a catalyst for women to embrace power and reach leadership parity.

It was founded by Gloria Feldt, legendary women’s rights activist, leadership expert, and bestselling author of No Excuses, 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power, and Amy Litzenberger, a former investment banker with extensive experience in strategic planning and funding of start-up and emerging growth companies.

Partnering with a diverse selection of nonprofit, for-profit, and academic organizations and funders, Take The Lead is a leadership organization that seeks to break through the stagnation in women’s leadership by teaching women how to succeed in the system as it is, while also changing it from the inside out.

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