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#1 Amazon Bestseller: Women in Politics, Women’s Studies, Business Leadership amazon-best-seller

Women’s rights advocate and leadership consultant Tabby Biddle has written is a practical, courageous and urgent call to action for women of all ages. This book brings to light the dark patches of our culture where women’s voices are still silent and aims to make a change agent out of every reader.

An alchemizing combination of manifesto, personal narrative, and practical guide, Find Your Voice takes you on a powerful journey and spits you out on the other side with a new-found sense of purpose, and an arsenal of tactics to find your voice and ‘get out there’ with it. With equal parts research and heart, Tabby leads the way in this bestselling book to form a sisterhood of all women who are up to the task of bringing the collective feminine power to the forefront of society in order to initiate real change. Whether or not you consider yourself to be a leader or even the least bit political, this book is an essential tool for you to begin to stand in your unique power as a woman and finally be heard.



Hear What Women Are Saying:

“You’ve been waiting for what seems a lifetime to be heard and finally the world is ready. Find Your Voice is your go-to guidebook to help amplify your voice and connect your message to that which matters most to you. Tabby Biddle provides a beautiful blend of storytelling along with tools, resources and leadership practices, specifically designed for women, that will take you off the sidelines, beyond your fears and into action.”

Elisa Parker, Co-founder and President of See Jane Do

Tabby Biddle has crafted a 21st century roadmap to owning your truth and harnessing it to positively change the world. Filled with personal accounts, practical action steps, and thought-provoking questions, Find Your Voice creates the possibility for women of all stages and ages in life to step into their innate greatness.”

Judith Martinez, Founder and CEO of InHerShoes

“This is a book for women of all ages to focus their goals and unleash their inner power to go after their passions and never look back. Find Your Voice is must-read for any woman searching for more meaning in her life.”

Sarah Moshman, Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker & Director of The Empowerment Project

“Tabby Biddle has written a rallying cry for women everywhere. Whether or not you currently think of yourself as a leader, this book is absolutely necessary for you to begin to stand in your power as a woman. Find Your Voice is a manifesto and a call to the quiet unearthing of the collective power of women that is rising up to be heard.”

Makeda Pennycooke, Empowerment Coach

“If you are considering that it is your time to use your voice and finally realizing that your message is essential for the healing of our world, READ this book. Tabby’s commitment to women’s and girls’ empowerment is sincere and brave and it will inspire you to claim your power, own your message, take smart action, and use your brilliant voice – for you, for all of us!”

Paige Nolan, Writer, Speaker and Coach

Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action is a bible for a woman in search of discovering her voice. This guide can help women go from just thinking about having a voice, to actually discovering it, and being motivated to share it. This book is all heart and chock full of anecdotes, personal stories and wonderful exercises that I simply couldn’t put it down.”

Giselle Shapiro, Founder of LiteraryLaunch.com

“This is a must-read book for all women. Find Your Voice is written with such a strong voice and equally powerful call to action that it’s impossible to read it and not start writing your own blog and signature talk before having finished the book. I did just that.”

Lotta Alsen, International Business Consultant & Founder of Quickenings

“Tabby Biddle has a voice that incites us all to use our own. If you feel reticent or even afraid to use your voice, Find Your Voice book is a sacred guide to give you practical support to rise.”

Meggan Watterson, author of Reveal

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Why this Book?

I used to feel that my voice didn’t matter. I grew up as the youngest child and only girl in a family of two brothers, and a very strong lineage of male leaders going back to the earliest days of the United States. While there is a lot to be proud of in my family history, there is something very obvious that is missing. The voices of women.

Today, women’s knowledge, wisdom and opinions are woefully underrepresented around the world. In every country and in every industry, women are undervalued, underpaid and often completely missing from positions of power and authority.

This is a problem for us personally and for the world at large.

On a personal level, we suffer emotionally and spiritually as we are forced to mute our truth. We suffer physically and psychologically, as the absence of our voices translates into laws, public policy and resource distribution that don’t accurately reflect our needs and the needs of our children.

Without women’s wisdom at the table, war, poverty and violence are the name of the game. Aggression, competition, and power over, rather than power with, are the norm.

But we, as women, know that this is not a natural way of living.

Find Your Voice will help you find the courage and build the confidence to take a stand for what you believe in, and become a powerful change agent to make a better world.

With women outnumbering men in earning undergraduate and master’s degrees, while at the same time representing less than 20 percent of leadership in business, politics, media, health, education and every other industry, there has never been a better time to bring more women’s voices into the social and political dialogue, and be inspired to speak out.

Your inner voice is trying to speak to you. Can you hear Her?

When you embark on the path of finding your voice, you will encounter a well of wisdom way beyond what you could have ever imagined. You will start to feel more alive, driven, motivated, excited, passionate, invigorated, creative, decisive and on purpose. And maybe most delightfully, you will get to touch and taste the immense power of you.

Would you like to experience the ripple effect of your voice in the world?


About the Author

Tabby-Biddle-HeadshotTabby Biddle, M.S. Ed.,  is a leading voice and advocate for advancing women’s leadership and the human rights of women and girls. She is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action, a women’s leadership consultantand a popular TEDx speaker and TEDx coach for her unique approach to activating women’s leadership. She is also the co-project director and lead facilitator for  50 Women Can Change the World in Media & Entertainment, a Take The Lead gender parity initiative in Hollywood.

Through her speaking appearances, group classes and private coaching practice, Tabby has supported thousands of women on their path into leadership, from business leaders, to media personalities, to filmmakers, to celebrity activists, to artists, to students, to entrepreneurs.

A United Nations Foundation press fellow, Tabby has met with world leaders, political dignitaries, high-level policymakers and global decision-makers to help expand the dialogue around social justice issues affecting women and girls. Her voice has been featured by prominent national and international media including, The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, UN Dispatch, Current TV and National Public Radio.

Tabby received her Masters in Education from Bank Street College in New York City and her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Colby College. She lives in Santa Monica, CA, with her husband and young son. Download Press Kit here.



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